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A new word has entered our lives in recent times – “Volunesia” which is defined as “the moment when you forget you are volunteering to help change lives because it is changing yours.”  Kaivalyadhama is proud to introduce the Kaivalyadhama Seva Program (KSP) to allow all of those who have been associated with Kaivalyadhama and whose lives have been enriched by their stay there, to give back to the institute.  Kaivalyadhama is constantly evolving to meet this ever-changing world while maintaining its core principles, values and traditions. Kaivalyadhama’s mission is to promote the science of yoga and its powerful benefits across the globe and you can be a part of this powerful mission.

How You can Help

Social Media
With social media becoming an important part of our culture, we aim to build a 2-3-member team to handle our Facebook page, Twitter handle, YouTube site and our Instagram and Pinterest accounts. This will include creating interesting and engaging content and making a social media plan that is effective enough to not only spread the message and values of Kaivalyadhama but also to attract the right audience to the institute.

Project Development
One aim of Kaivalyadhama is to expand its horizon in the area of thematic conferences, symposiums and workshops.  To facilitate this, Kaivalyadhama would like to form a team that works directly with the CEO. You will:

  • be a part of the CEOs team
  • ideate and innovate
  • see the project through from inception to execution
  • must possess relevant experience in project management and media/advertising

Kaivalyadhama has a treasure trove of books and articles that have been published over the years and the tradition continues. As a volunteer,

  • You will work closely with the team at PLRD and help in writing and reviewing introductions, forwards, and summaries of books, newsletters and articles that are published by the institute.
  • You will be reviewing grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • You will be coordinating with various departments in the institute in order to collate matter for the newsletter
  • You will be coordinating with the CEOs office as and when required


Social Media – Minimum commitment of 3 months which maybe expanded at the discretion of the institute.

Project management – Minimum commitment of 8 months which maybe expanded at the discretion of the institute.

Publications –  Minimum commitment of 3 months which maybe expanded at the discretion of the institute.


  • Monday to Saturday – 8.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m
  • Holidays on Sundays and the Institute’s holidays
  • Longer holidays for those volunteering for longer durations after discussion and approval of the CEO

Age Requirement – At least 18 years of age


  • Accommodation and meals
  • Access to participate in the yoga programs organized by the Health Centre
  • Opportunity to attend the free lectures at the GS College of Yoga
  • Opportunity to attend seminars and symposiums
  • Letter of recommendation upon successful completion of this program
  • Small stipend (optional and after discussion and approval of the CEO)
  • Free Teacher Training Course or short course (optional and after discussion and approval of the CEO)


Please write to [email protected] with a letter of intent or if you have any questions.

What will you gain from the Kaivalyadhama Seva Program

You will be a part of the worldwide movement in spreading the word of yoga in its true form. You will be sharpen your existing skill sets and learn many new ones.  You will be a part of the chapter of Kaivalyadhama where it takes the leap into the next stage of its evolution and leave your footprints forever.  You will learn how to walk the fine line between the modern and the ancient. You will learn to take whats best from the wisdom of the modern and the traditional and apply it into your own life. As Gandhiji said, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. So come find yourself with us.

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