Online Course – Ayurveda

Learn the Yogic system of Self-care and Medicine.


Dr. Sachin Jadhav – post graduate, Ayurveda

Dr. Nutan Pakhare – graduate,Ayurveda (Qualified for Assistant Professor )


Online learning – Concepts, Principles, Applications :
Part 1 – Introduction & History of Ayurveda Maulik sidhant – Fundamental principles of Ayurveda &  Padartha Vigyan Swasthavritta & Yoga
Part 2 – Sharir Rachana & Kriya Vigyan (Anatomy & Physiology) Kayachikitsa – Disease & its manifestation
Part 3 –  Ayurvedic diagnostic methods & techniques Basic knowledge of Local & Panchakarma Therapy
Part 4 – Dravyaguna vigyan- Knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs Bhaishajya Kalpana – Ayurveda Methods of preparation of medicine.
Part 5 – Ayurveda and the Mind.
Part 6 – Interviews and talks with Ayurveda doctors.
Ten Assignments to complete. Certificate of completion awarded.


We have covered most of your questions here.

→ VIEWING – 100+ video lectures by by our experts. → READING – Curated links for extended reading . 

→ INTERACTIVE – Questions and discussions, answered and guided by Dr. Nutan Pakhare.

→ WRITING – Writing is the best way to focus your mind and learn. Extensive note taking is recommended.

→ CONNECTION – A students-only private facebook group where you meet and engage with fellow students from all over the world.

→ ASSESSMENT – Ten assignments to complete.

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences which have emerged from Samkhya philosophy. The course is just right for yoga teachers since it brings in ayurvedic awareness into their teaching practice – so they can customise the practices for their students according to their ayurvedic type. If you are not a yoga teacher then it brings in ayurvedic self-care principles and awareness of a disease free lifestyle. The practical therapy training is optional.

– Study the theory online through 100 video lessons, read and check curated references online, discuss online with our ayurveda guides, take notes and complete assignments.

This should take you minimum 100 hours to 150 hours if you do it sincerely. After submission of assignments and checking by us, you are awarded the certificate – AYURVEDA CERTIFICATE FOR YOGA TEACHERS.

– For additonal practical and experiential certification, you need to come to KaivalyaDhama, India for 2 weeks for observation and understanding of  therapies and practical methods.
A certificate of participation is awarded.

Note : If you are not a yoga teacher and cannot submit credentials then your certification is ONLINE AYURVEDA COURSE CERTIFICATE. 

This is an online course and mostly taken by people who are working or engaged otherwise. We want your learning to be thorough and self paced. So you can take a year or more ( upto two years) to complete the online theory part. You will have lifetime access to the online course.

Advantages :

1. Time saver – 15 days in India instead of a month or 6 weeks.
2. Cost saver
3. Deeper study – full focus on the subject in the privacy of your own home and in your own time.
4. The interactive study is self-paced and gives you a thorough understanding of Ayurveda.

You pay US $399 ( INR 28,000) for the online theory part. For the two week therapy training, you pay INR 43660 for tuition (including taxes) and separate charges for lodging and boarding. 
Details of costs for the practicals in KaivalyaDham, Lonavala, India :

Tuition Fees – INR 43660
Along with Certification but without room charges and meals.

Room charges ( In campus) :

Single standard Room with common bath
Rs. 16,000 for 2 weeks (meals included)

Single Standard Room with attached bath
Rs. 23,200 for 2 weeks (meals included)

Single Executive Room (Non-AC)
Rs. 25,600 for 2 weeks (meals included)

Single Executive Room (AC)
Rs. 27,800 + Tax – Rs. 2088 for 2 weeks (meals included)

Single Deluxe Room (Non-AC)
Rs. 38,800 + Tax – Rs. 3143 for 2 weeks (meals included)

Single Deluxe Room (AC)
Rs. 43,200 + Tax – Rs. 3,670 for 2 weeks (meals included)

The course is Ayurveda Certificate Course for Yoga Teachers. You will develop a good, strong foundation in Ayurvedic concepts, principles and practices through this course.To become an Ayurvedic doctor you need many years of study in an appropriate institution. We are here to prepare a strong foundation for you – as a starting point.

You need to have completed your school and you need a good grasp of english.

Additionally, you should not have any major health problems and if you are a yoga teacher then this course will be easier to grasp.

The next dates for this course are to be  announced. 

You have upto 5 years from the time of enrolment in the Online Theory Course to complete your practical intensives.

Lifetime access

Online classes are convenient but might take time since it is self-paced and the student might not be in a position to give it a lot of dedicated time.
That is why long term access has been given.


$ 399 Lifetime
  • Pay in USD by Paypal or card
  • Instant Access.


28000 Lifetime
  • Pay in Indian Rupees - card or netbanking.
  • Access will be given manually within 24 hours.

Why KaivalyaDhama?

  • We have been around for a hundred years. The oldest yoga institute in the world.
  • KaivalyaDhama is recognised by the Government of India.
  • KaivalyaDhama is recognised by all the major councils of Yoga, worldwide.
  • We are well known for our therapeutic excellence.

"The best way to learn Ayurveda is from people who practice it. Everyday, through the years."