College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis

Be it any  subject, a teacher should emphasize on value inculcation and ethical values  while planning out teaching of his subject matter.

Swami Kuvalayananda


Why study at Kdham?

Kdham courses are recognised by all the major councils of yoga , in the sense they recognise the credit hours. It being one of the oldest institutes in the world, has chosen to get affiliated only to CYAI. Being recognised and aided by the Government of India, student visas are issued in the name of Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute. Kaivalyadhama courses are structured courses with hours and credits. Kaivalyadhama also is one of the few institutes which has full time faculties/experts working for the institute full time. These faculties have experience of more than three decades. The institutes perspective in imparting Yoga education is completely scientific and secular. Kaivalyadhama started the first ever formal college of Yoga , in the year 1951. Kaivalyadhama college has placements in Indian spas such as Taj, Hilton, Mahendra, Oberoi and others. At the international level our teachers are employed across the globe. All major councils of Yoga accepts credits of the courses done  at Kaivalyadhama. Councils established by the Government of India such as Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Science and Technology all recognise the institute .

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The College of Yoga

Kaivalyadhama Shreeman Madhava Yoga Mandira Samiti, ( K.S.M.Y.M. Samiti) , which is responsible for the foundation, conductance and management of GORDHANDAS SEKSARIA COLLEGE OF YOGA & CULTURAL SYNTHESIS, is recognized by the Central and Maharashtra State Governments as a Research  Institute and has been getting Grants from these Governments for its Scientific and Philosophico-Literary Research in Yoga. The Samiti’s research has been greatly appreciated by scientists and scholars, both in India and abroad.


Literally meaning Integration the science of Yoga , originated and evolved systematically in India more than five thousand years ago, has remained essentially secular, and so remains worthy of acceptance by  peoples of different religions, races and nationalities. Yoga is a path of spiritual enquiry directed to an objective understanding of life and living. Over the years, yoga has also evolved into a science of Health and Healing. According to Swami Kuvalayananda, if understood through the modern scientific approach, Yoga would help greatly in the spiritual and material renaissance of the human society. This has been the very philosophy behind all academic and social activities of the College of Yogasince its inception.



With a view to prepare well grounded yoga teachers, the first College of Yoga of its kind named Gordhandas Seksaria College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis was established in Oct. 1950 by late  Swami Kuvalayananda under the auspicious of Kaivalyadhama S.M.Y.M Samiti. However, its formal opening ceremony was performed in April 1951 by late Shri B.G. Kher, the then Chief Minister, Mumbai State. This could become possible only with the generous donation received from Sheth Makhanlal Seksaria in the memory of his father late Shri Gordhandas Seksaria. The first convocation was held in May 1953 when the Hon. Shri Dinakar Rao Desai, the then Minister of Education, Mumbai State, presided and Shri H.V. Divetia, Vice – Chancellor, Gujarat University, delivered the convocational Address. Rev. Swami Kuvalayananda was its Founder Principal who started a Course of two year duration named Diploma in Yoga Pravishtha. Since then the College is continuing his legacy in sending out batches of students every year without any break.



Yoga is not only the foundation of Indian Culture but also of the different cultures of the world. Keeping this aspect in mind following are the objectives of this college, as reflected in its name –

  • To train young, intelligent and educated men and women into basics of Yoga with all its pure and pristine form.
  • To acquaint them with prominent features of all cultures so as to enable them to perceive broader horizons of Yoga encompassing all world cultures.
  • To enable them to discover Yogic tenets in their own cultures.
  • To get them well grounded in a cultural synthesis so that they may strive not only to lead a well integrated life themselves but also to teach others to attain the same to establish brotherhood of man  on the face of the earth.
LOCATION OF THE COLLEGE The College is located at Lonavla, a small hill station  between Pune and Mumbai, in India. Lonavla is 128 kms from Mumbai and 64 kms  from Pune.