Gool Ville

This is where it started...

Gool Villa is now Utpatti (Origin or Source). It is now a visitors centre and store.

It is one of the oldest structures inside KaivalyaDham and houses a bookstore, organic products store and Yogic art objects.

As you enter the gates to the campus, this is the first heritage structure that you see.

The beginning...

Kaivalyadhama was started in a bungalow rented by Prabha Shankar Patni, the then Dewan of Bhavnagar, at Lonavla.

Swami Kuvalayananda laid its foundation in 1924.

We teach and follow the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali, the yogic seer of the eighth century.

The campus is now spread over 170 acres of parkland, with a college, a health centre,  asana halls, ayurveda and naturopathy facilities, and philosophical and scientific research departments.