Foundation Course in Yoga Ayurveda

This course aims at promoting positive health and personality development in students.

Etiology of selected disease and disorders will be studied with the help of research surveys and clinical observations in the context of basic concepts in yoga and ayurveda.

Course Fees

For Indian Students

Course – Rs. 26,200/-
Hostel charges with food – Rs. 7500/-

Total – Rs. 33,700/-

For Internatioal Students

Course – USD 500
Hostel charges with food – USD 500

Total – USD 1000


Education - Graduate/Diploma/Certificate holders in Yoga/Naturopathy/ Physical education.
Age - No limit

Medical Test - Candidates should be medically fit and sound.

Selection is based on merit and timely registration.

Course Dates

15th June - 5th July every year

Credits: 5.16 (124 Hrs)
Theory lectures 45 Credits : 3
Practical Yoga 51 Credits : 1.7
Project Work 28 Credits : 0.46

Unit 1. Ayurveda– Concept, origin, historical development as a health Care System.

Unit 2. Concept of Health- Modern perspectives, Yogic and Ayurvedic stand points.

Unit 3. Yoga & Ayurveda– A comparative study.

Unit 4. Practical Yoga

Before you register:

Please upload the eligibility documents (in clear and visible form) on the online form when filling it out. Application forms with inappropriate or unreadable documents will not be processed further.