Foundation Course in Yoga, Yoga Course

Foundation Course in Yoga and Traditional texts

This course is aimed at getting students acquainted with historic and traditional roots of yoga, as well as, its philosophy and applications, as drawn from traditional yogic texts.

Unit 1. Schools of Yoga & concept of Asana, Pranayama / Kumbhaka, Bandhas  Mudras, Nadanusandhana  & Dhyana in Hathayoga

Unit 2. Perspective, definition with explanations from both Hatha yogic texts & Patanjala Yoga Sutra

Unit 3. Yogic Anatomy and Physiology

Unit 4. Practical Yoga

Course Fees

For Indian Students

Course – Rs. 9,300/-
Hostel charges with food – Rs. 2,200/-

Total – Rs. 11,500/-

For International Students

Course – USD 200
Hostel charges with food – USD 50

Total – USD 250


Age – 16 years of age
Medical Fitness - Candidates should be medically fit and sound as certified by competent authority.

Course Dates

1st - 7th December every year

Before you register:

Please upload the eligibility documents (in clear and visible form) on the online form when filling it out. Application forms with inappropriate or unreadable documents will not be processed further.