Heal with Yoga – Embark the Journey to Good Health

Yoga is a magic like tool for healthy living; a sustainable magic. People seek out yoga for multiple reasons. Some look at it initially as purely physical and to get bodily fit while some might look at it as a way to calm and quiet the mind.

However, whatever the initial reason for coming to yoga could be, what holds its real potential is the journey that yoga takes a person on. Most importantly, it is never restricted to one single aspect; the healing is holistic.

‘’Mind, Body & Spirit, Heal as a Whole’

How to heal with yoga?

Well, there is a saying – ‘we hold our issues in our tissues’; it means that as our mind and body is connected, what we do with one affects the other. Very often repressed emotions due to old trauma gets lodged in the body, tissues, muscles and mind. Yoga allows us to get aware of these old trapped energies, soften them and ultimately release them through the right direction. Yoga and Ayurveda put together with meditation sets a right combination to healing.

Ms. Renu Jain
Her View On How To Heal With Yoga

Healing is a relative term, however it is of utmost importance that you recognise the time you need to start healing. Let us begin from the beginning. Let us understand what brings a stage that needs healing.

Considering today’s fast paced and overwhelming lifestyle, we are always pressed against time. As a result we do not have enough time to catch up with non-materialistic things and hence it leads to anxiety, frustration and irritation. If this lasts longer, we fall prey to various psychosomatic disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, Migraine, PCOD and many more.

Let us seek the solution that will bring a holistic change.

‘’Yoga helps in holistic healing; it can work at any level.’’

~Renu Jain

Yoga can actually reverse the disturbances and stimulate substantial healing. It offers various tools and techniques in form of Ashtanga yoga, here is how:

Yama and Niyama: It helps in maintaining a harmonious social and personal relationship with oneself and people around

Asana: It helps in maintaining physical and physiological health

Pranayama: It helps in regulating and channelising the vital force which aids in maintaining perfect psycho-physiological health

Pratyahara: It is withdrawal of senses which helps to be content and stay in the state of happiness despite the situation

Dharna, Dhyana, Samadhi: These are the highest state of experiences and the ultimate goal of one’s being

Thus, Yogic practices help us not only at physical level but also at mental and spiritual level stimulating a perfect holistic healing.

Here is how to heal with yoga in 4 primary steps:

  • Imbibe awareness to stop going deeper into the various stages of a disease.
  • As soon as you understand the triggers, take necessary measures to help yourself.
  • Consider yogic tools from leading yoga institutes in India like Kaivalyadhama
  • Implement and practice the recommended yoga and meditation routine consistently.

Don’t let it transform from symptom to disorder, heal with yoga.

Closing thoughts:

Diseases are to be treated not manifested. Yoga is not only for the sick. It also empowers you with ways to stay aware and calm for any disturbances that life might throw at you. Thus, healing is not only at extremes but in regular living too.

Here is your chance to reverse. Heal with Yoga, Heal at Kaivalyadhama.

From disease to ease, Embark the journey to wellbeing.

Ms. Renu Jain

Ms. Renu Jain

A certified yoga professional from Kaivalyadhama who has won over Auto immune disorders like Rheumatic Arthritis, Thyroid, and Alopecia by adopting a Yoga based lifestyle approach.

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