KaivalyaDham Yoga Practitioners Association

For all Ex-Students and Current Students of Kaivalyadham


The K.Y.P.A. membership is Free !


We are starting a community called KaivalyaDham Yoga Practioners Association soon. If you register, you will receive digital certificate with your name on it as a registered KaivalyaDham Yoga Practitioner. The process will take roughly 30 days since we have to verify all entries. The registration is free.


The only conditions of enrollment are :

  1. CURRENT STUDENT – You should be doing a course at Kdham.
  2. EX-STUDENT – All those who have completed CCY, D.Y.Ed, DYT conducted by Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute at lonavla or at any other place are eligible to enroll.


Activities and Benefits:

  1. You will get enrolled in a central repository through which we can contact you for all recommendations and association activities.
  2. We will be starting community based activities, like news and professional enhancement education, soon.
  3. There will be 2  conferences, each year, where we will bring in yoga practitioners and experts from around the world, so you can interact with them.
  4. We have requested  our global contacts to contribute their knowledge and vast experience online to this community.


Offerings from KaivalyaDhama

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