Contemplation (DHYAN)

Facilitator: Shri. Tarun Gulati
Founder, Adios Contemplator & Venus

Date & Time

Series 2
Jan 7 from 6 pm to 7 pm &
Jan 8 from 9 am to 10 am


INR 1,000 / USD 15
(For 1 Sessions)

Contemplation is the mother of clarity. If you take your self seriously, your self will take you seriously.


Online (Zoom)

You could enrol in either of these two workshop series.
They will cover the same content.

If you live your life largely looking outward and not inward, you are unable to create a deep connection with yourself which leads to lack of inner clarity. So you tend to make choices that seem exciting in the short run but are not right for you in the long run.

Contemplation – deep thinking – on certain principles helps you stay deeply connected with yourself and the principles help you make the right decision with respect to your work, relationships, parenting etc.

In this introductory Contemplation workshop, you will learn why Contemplation is important, how to do it and how to use Contemplation on the Adios principles to find your answers, personal or professional, on your own, without relying on anyone else, forever.

If you train your inner counsellor, you will never need an external one.

What will be covered?

Here is a link to the Contemplation podcast by Shri. Tarun Gulati

Note: You can find the Contemplation podcast by Tarun Gulati on Apple & Spotify. Search for “Contemplation with Tarun Gulati”

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