Kaivalyadham has been disseminating Yoga training to Navodaya Vidyalayas for over two decades now…

Yashobanta Singh’s eyes widen at the rope mallakhamb feat he is watching in front of his eyes. As a passionate Physical Education Teacher of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV), Imphal, Manipur. He is in awe with the generous exposures to yoga and other fitness regimes, the training for which he has been undergoing for a week now at Kaivalyadham (Kdham) Ashram. Kdham is a premier yoga training and research institution located in Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Yashobanta is just one of the 40 teachers from JNVs across the country who are here to attend a unique 10 days orientation course in Yoga and Physical Education. The course is a result of a tie up between Kdham and Human Resources Ministry (HRD) of India which runs the JNVs. The curriculum and training for this programme has been developed jointly by Kdham and SNDT University, Mumbai. All around the year 240 teachers across the country are initiated into this exclusive orientation programme.

“For a teacher from the North East, where yoga training is still a distant dream, the orientation programme is just the right thing to happen”, he feels. Forty seven years old Sudeshna Raishom, a physical education teacher from Shillong has similar sentiments to share. . She feels, the orientation programme which exposes the teachers to a diaspora of activities, such as yoga practices and teaching theory, variety of fitness regimes-rope mallakhamb, gym and aerobics training is a boon for teachers who come from smaller places. “My stay here has broadened horizons for me. Also, we can make our students aware of career opportunities in the field of yoga,” she stresses.

The 10 day programme will bring about a qualitative change in her students, feels 54 years old Saroj Kalra, a P Ed teacher from Baswada, Rajasthan. The course has refreshed her completely, she says. In fact, she wants the programme extended. “We realise yoga is an ocean. We need to delve more into it. Ten days are just not enough. The programme should be extended to at least a month,” she demands.

Back home the orientation will be of tremendous help to students studying of higher secondary classes, thinks Mamata Sharma, a teacher from Jammu. “We always knew students in higher standards are stressed. What we didn’t know is what more could we do to reduce the stress. Now we know the answer lies in yoga,” she states.


The orientation programme is just one of Kdham’s activities with JNVs. Besides, since the year 2003 it has been sending yoga teachers for a three months training programme at various JNVs. Under the scheme, 280 schools have been already covered. “Our target is to reach 600 schools,” explains Subodh Tiwari, secretary, Kaivalyadham.  It gives Kdham immense pleasure to reach the ancient science to grass root levels. More so, as the knowledge is reaching the bright and young talent from rural India who will be the country’s future, he feels.

In order to make the administration more aware of the significance of yoga training to teachers Kdham is not leaving any stone unturned. Hence, it has designed a programme for administrative personnel of Navodaya Vidyalayas too. Principals and assistant commissioners attached to JNVs all over the country visit Kdham twice a year. They are briefly introduced to Yoga and undergo rejuvenation programmes too.

As Mamata Sharma, the teacher from Jammu sums it up “The surroundings and teachers have been inspiring to us from Day 1. I would give anything to re attend the programme,” she ends….