A slight twist in destiny led musician Shruti Nada Poddar to take her knowledge of nada vibronics to the next level. In the year 1992, Shruti had to undergo a surgery and in her period of recuperation, she utilized her understanding of nada vibronics on herself. Hence, it did not come as a surprise to her when her recovery period did not last for a long time. She was back on her toes in no time. Today Shruti is an internationally recognized nada vibronics healer.
Over the time Shruti has developed her own system of healing through nada vibronics which includes, sonic, physical, mudra, visualization and other techniques. Part of the system is based on the principle of Nada Anusandhan and Swara Yoga. Nada Anusandhan means further inquiry of the normal sound that emanates out of a raga, shloka, mantra etc. It means to travel beyond the nada and finding the ultimate supreme sound. Great spiritual leader Adi Shankaracharya has accorded Nada Anusandhana as one of the most marvelous of laya techniques.
However, in particular, it is Shruti’s detailed and enriching study of the science of the beeja mantras from various yogic traditions such as hatha yoga and sri vidya that form the essence of her own unique healing system.
Shruti has very diligently accumulated and recorded the effects of nada vibronics on the human body and mind. ” ‘Nada vibronics’ is a vibration healing apparatus used to maintain good health and cure autoimmune conditions” she reveals. Her healing sound ecosystems are widely consumed not only by individuals but also by the medical, educational and research faculties all over the world. She has been conducting clinical studies on the effects of beeja aksharas on children with asthma and other lung disorders and has joined hands with medical and scientific institutions for research on the same.
Music was always her passion. But, as a practitioner of the art form, she had an innate desire to go beyond the existing knowledge. “Nada is widely misunderstood as only sound. In fact, it is going beyond the sound. With God’s grace, I have been able to heal many individuals,” she claims.
“Our whole body is nada,” explains Shruti. And to evoke the nada in and around our body takes a lot of sadhana, she reveals. Through her workshop, she intends to open a doorway towards wellness for her participants. Shruti uses an amalgamation of her learnings of raga, mudras, japas and textual reading to enable the practitioner to travel across all the steps of the healing methodology smoothly. “It is something to be experienced,” she confirms.  Although nada vibronics is a highly personalized occurrence, it is Shruti’s unfailing research and perseverance in formulating the program that ensures one comes out enriched at its end.
It is for the first time that Shruti is all set to introduce her therapy at Kaivalyadhama. Her workshop ensures her belief of derivation of self- experience, rather than just claiming the authenticity of her healing technique.