The Goshala project

Salutaion to cows, to the progency of Kamadhenu, to the daughters of Brahma my salutations again and again to the sanctifying cows. Come towards Yoga, Nature and Cows. The foundations of Indian Culture and Civilization is the self realization and devotion to God accomplished through self-knowledge, self transcendence and self-less service. For the first time, it is the Indian sages themselves through the help of Vedic knowledge – disclosed the non-difference between individual and Absolute soul, the spiritual unity of entire beings of the universe, and the nature of Absolute cause of the entire creation which is full of Truth, Good and Beauty. They taught the humanity to look towards every creatures and the nature with spiritual eyes and to respect them. It has always been the outlook of Vedic sages that the humanity should make use of the Nature and its products in non-violent way respecting the laws of the nature. It is for this reason there is in Indian Culture a great respect to Yoga, Nature and the Cows. For the sake of God realization there is a great need of the development of the health of human body. For which Yoga is of paramount importance. Even in Naturopathy too similar is the course. It is through Yoga only there is physical, bodily and practical development of human beings. However, along with this there indeed is the need of Naturopathy. And cow too falls in the same sequence. One can get immensely benefited through various cow-products. It is for this very great reason there in Indian culture is the respect to cows. This can very much be comprehended from the description of cows as having divine nature, as the abode of all the gods and goddesses and as the highly respectable holy mother of the Lord Krishna – the devotee loving reciter of Gita and preceptor of the entire world. From every view point mother-cow is holy and worth worshiping and worthy to be served. Even the God too takes several incarnations in the form of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna with a view to foster and serve the cows. Cow has been highly honored by each and every religion, race and sect of the world. Cow-service is very much essential for the upliftment of entire mankind. God loves them who serve the cow. Our Swami Kuvalayanandaji was a great devotee of cow. Swamiji established Kaivalyadhama Ashrama (1924) for the growth of peace and health in the world. Various projects that are run in Kaivalyadhama till date are Scientific Research, Philosophico-Literary Research, Naturopathy department, College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis, Yoga Gurukul, Kaivalya Vidya Niketan, department of Ayurvedic treatment, Annapurna Bhavana, Ayurvedic Garden, Yoga Mimamsa Research Journal, Central Library of Research equipped with modern facilities, Publication Department and a Goshala. The Goshala project is on since the very establishment of Kaivalyadhama. Presently there are 30 cows. For the proper living arrangement of the cows there is a huge Gaubhavana – house of cows. For the sake of proper service and care of cows an expert has been appointed. Presently with a view to construct an ideal Goshala wherein cows of best Indian breed could be served, the work of renovation is in progress. In this regard a multi-dimensional project is ready comprising such amenities and facilities as Veterinary Hospital, maternity house for cows, house for oxygen, house of cows yielding milk, house of off springs of cows, residential accommodation for those who serve cows, management centre, house for fodder production and maintenance. It is has been endeavour that this project be materialized in its ideal form. In this regard your suggestions and co-operation are highly solicited. Communicator, Acharya Purushottam “Shrivatsa” Manager Goshala Hindi Samalochaka Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla Pune, Maharashtra M: 7709515434

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