Yoga Series

Demonstration and Lectures

Yoga Series is a Collection :

  • 21 hours of lectures by famous yoga practitioners
  • 4 hours of yoga asana instruction and demonstration.

These will help you understand the philosophy and grow in Yoga.

Lectures are by Pranayama Master Shri O P Tiwari, Dr. Ramesh Bijlani, Dr. B R Sharma, Dr. Bhalekar and many others.

There are 45 videos in this series that  span over a total time of 25 hours. You will have 6 months access to view and review.

What happens with this lecture series?

Listening to all of them and applying oneself, by actively thinking about ‘what has been said’, opens a little door of awareness inside us.

Sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it needs repeated viewing and thinking.

That is the whole purpose of the Yoga Series.



6 months of access.
45 hours of lectures and demonstrations.

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