Yoga Therapy and Counselling

– A residential intensive workshop for yoga teachers and therapists by Dr. N. Ganesh Rao

22nd - 27th June, 2020

This intensive workshop on yoga therapy and counselling will enrich the understanding, practice, teaching and therapy of yoga for all students, practitioners, teachers and therapist. It is relevant for all those enthusiasts who are interested in understanding the human body and mind, their functioning, and health. Clear understanding of the holistic effects of Yoga practices adds quality and sheer joy to life.

The need for learning about Yoga Therapy and Counselling

1. To have a deeper understanding of yoga as therapy

Despite Yoga being a preventive discipline in its original intent and practice, it cannot be denied that most people today take to Yoga to seek remedy to some or the other physical  and / or mental issues. It can arguably be said that the popularity of Yoga today is mainly due to its therapeutic value. Yoga is considered as an alternative therapy. In this scenario, it becomes essential for practitioners and teachers / therapists of Yoga to have clear understanding of Yoga from its therapeutic perspective – its application, scope, strengths, limitations, so on and so forth.   

2. Counselling is the cornerstone of therapy – for a teacher or therapist

More than 90% of physical ailments today are considered as psycho-somatic – arising in the psyche or mind (stress is one big example) and leading to physical diseases / ill-health. Hence, tackling or handling the mental issues becomes indispensible. Counseling becomes the cornerstone of therapy. Not all Yoga students, teachers or therapists are well-versed in the principles of counseling. Hence, knowing about counseling – definition, description, scope, do’s and don’t’s, limitations, etc. – becomes absolutely essential. Knowledge of therapy when combined with expertise in counseling creates a perfect teacher / therapist.

yoga practice session
theory yoga therapy and counselling workshop

3. Understanding the mind-body connection

Yoga on one side has an array of physical practices which lend themselves for therapy. On the other hand, Yoga, being an Indian psychology, has several effective approaches and tools to control the mind and finally transcend it. Yogic mind control and tranquilizing techniques add tremendous value to counselling. Hence, it becomes of utmost significance to experience these physical practices personally by doing them and understand clearly the mind-oriented techniques for their therapeutic value. In the Workshop, all the practices and techniques will be experienced and understood respectively.

Topics to be covered

Yoga Practices

  • Understanding and Practice of Kriyas.
  • Understanding and Practice of Asanas and their modifications.
  • Understanding and Practice of all types of Pranayama.
  • Understanding and practice of Meditation, Mantra Chanting and Relaxation
  • Benefits and Contra-indications of these practices


  • What is counseling?
  • Concept of Non-professional Counselor.
    Qualities of a Good Counselor.
  • Pitfalls / Limitations in Counseling.
  • Do’s and Don’t’s in Counseling.

Stress and its Prevention

  • Clear understanding of what actually is stress.
  • The Etiology of Stress
    Physical ailments due to Stress
  • Prevention of Stress – Yoga is the best anti-dote to Stress at all levels.


  • Dimensions of Therapy
  • Therapy in Yogic Texts
  • Strengths and Short-comings of Yogic Therapy
  • Qualities of a Yoga Therapist

Yoga Philosophy

  • Yogic Vision of Life
  • Yogic Values
  • Mind according to Yoga
  • Mind-control techniques
  • Awareness and its significance in Therapy.

The Teacher

Dr. N. Ganesh Rao

Dr. N. Ganesh Rao is a highly acclaimed and inspiring name in the field of Yoga in India having conducted till date more than 18000 sessions in Yoga covering all its aspects, theoretical and practical. He has to his credit a Doctorate in Philosophy and is a Professor and Ph. D. Guide in Yoga and Philosophy. There may not be a better example of philosophy serving practice in day to day life. His other qualifications include Master of Commerce, Master of Arts, Diploma in Management Studies, Diploma in Naturopathy, Diploma in Yoga Education, Madhyama Yoga Siksha Certificate and Specialist Instructor in First Aid and Home Nursing. Dr. Rao has been a regular trekker for the past 25 years in the Himalayas and Sahyadri mountains. 

Workshop Fees
Rs. 12,000/-

Accommodation and meals

Single rooms:

Standard Room with community bath – Rs. 8,000 per week
Standard Room with attached bath – Rs. 11,600 per week
Executive Room (Non-AC) – Rs. 12,800
Executive Room (AC) – Rs. 14,000 + taxes
Deluxe Room – Non-AC (Rs. 19,400 per week + taxes)
Deluxe Room – AC (Rs. 21,600 per week + taxes)

Double/Twin-sharing rooms:

Standard Room with community bath – Rs. 13,200 per week
Standard Room with attached bath – Rs. 17,000 per week
Executive Room (Non-AC) – Rs. 18,200
Executive Room (AC) – Rs. 20,400 + taxes
Deluxe Room – Non-AC (Rs. 25,400 per week + taxes)
Deluxe Room – AC (Rs. 27,600 per week + taxes)

Prices inclusive of meals

Sunday, 21st June, 1 – 4 pm

Sunday, 28th June, 10 am

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Workshop fees – NO REFUND

Accommodation and meals:

  • Cancellation application before 7 days  – refund of 75% of the amount paid. 
  • Cancellation application less than 7 days – no refund.
  • Please email cancellation requests to [email protected] Verbal cancellation requests are not accepted.