Kaivalyadhama, Mumbai has started offering  AYURVEDIC THERAPIES for health and healing and also for the prevention of diseases. Urbanization has led us to adopt drastic changes in our life style which has ultimately resulted in various disorders related to one’s lifestyle. In today’s metropolitan life, one faces a number  of problems. The main constraints are lack of leisure, aggravation due to loss of family life and no privacy in daily life. The external causes are pollution, stress, pressures and strains of one’s profession and those created by heavy traffic. Just as the carburettor of your car gets chocked, so too many parts of the body get plugged due to excessive and vitiated DOSHAS. Washing, cleaning and greasing are the regular procedures to make our body function smoothly. Ayurveda, an age old Science and its copartner, Yoga, have recommended a daily health regimen for you to enjoy a happy and healthy life with yoga as our base Kaivalyadhama, Mumbai is now introducing variety of Ayurvedic treatments & therapies.

1 Abhyangam With Steam 45 MIN 1400
2 Abhyangam Without Steam 45 MIN 1100
3 Shiroabhyanga 30 MIN 600
4 Abhyang With Head Massage 75 MIN 1800
5 Local Abhyang Massage 30 MIN 700
6 Pottali (Patra/ Rice) 45 MIN 1500
7 Local Pottali Massage 30 MIN 700
8 Takradhara 45 min 1400
9 Shirodhara 45 MIN 1400
10 Netradhara 30 MIN 400
11 Facial 45 MIN 600
12 Nasya 30 MIN 700
13 Karnapuran 30 MIN 600
14 Basti 45 MIN 1500
15 Uttarbasti 45MIN 1500
16 Netrabasti 30 MIN 800
17 Manyabasti 30 MIN 800
18 Katibasti 30 MIN 800
19 Hrudbasti 30 MIN 900
20 Janubasti 30 MIN 800
21 Sandhibandha 30 MIN 700
22 Padhabhyanga 30 MIN 600
23 Lepa 30 MIN 500
24 Udwartan 45 MIN 1500
25 Herbal Steam Bath 30 MIN 600

Senior Ayurveda Consultant : Dr. Jagdish Bhutada
(Vaidya Balshastri Lavgankar Panchkarma Purskar awardee)

TIMING (by prior appointment only)

Other Consulting Doctors –

  • Dr. Animesh Karmakar – Monday to Saturday – 6.30 AM TO 10.00 AM

  • Dr. Sushma Murudkar – Monday to Saturday – 7.30 AM – 10.30 AM

  • Dr. Gayatri Gohil – Monday to Saturday – 3.30 PM TO 7.00 PM

Consultation Fees – Rs. 400/-

Special Package booking discount available –

10 % discount on   Rs. 5000/-
15 % discount on   Rs. 10000/-
20 % discount on   Rs. 10000/- (for Life members)

Specific Workshop Reg members – 25% discount (Valid for 2 month from the 1st day of workshop)

Therapists Duty Hours

1. Mr. Mahesh Bavkar

7.00 AM TO 11.00 AM
12.30 PM TO 3.30 PM
Sundays by advance booking.

2. Mr. Vijay Petave

Contact: (022) 22818417/22886256


This is a whole body massage with warm medicated oil using a special traditional technique followed by herbal steam bath. This Ayurvedic massage is based on the knowledge of “marma” points which are the site of the reflexes.

This massage stimulates the main vital points and circulatory channels and revitalizes them. It is useful as an anti-ageing agent because it removes fatigue and   renews one’s strength and vitality.  It is beneficial in relaxation and removal of aches and pains and relieving stiffness. It helps to improve one’s personality.

Everyone can benefit from this massage and it is especially useful for Paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, Hemiplegia and Parkinson’s disease and for heart patients.

2. POTTALI (Pinda – Swedan)

NAVARAKIZHI: A warm massage with bolus of medicated rice and Medicated milk.

ELAKIZHI:  Warm massage with bolus of herbal pastes and medicated oil.

Both these types of massage are effective in removing stiffness and pain from the muscles. They help to improve muscle tone, strengthen the tendons and muscle ligaments and cure various problems arising from the condition known as vaata. The nerves get strengthened and the effects of paralysis are reduced. Those suffering from Hemiplegia, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease also stand to benefit.

3. UDVARTAN – A warm oil massage with dry herbal powder followed by steam.

It removes blackish discoloration of skin & improves blood circulation all over the body. It reduces fat & hence helps to treat Obesity & non infectious skin disorders.


4. HERBAL STEAM – It is very useful for detoxification of Body & Mind. It helps to reduce fats

& stiffness of body hence increases flexibility. Recommended for obesity, Body ache & Joint pain.

Athletes, wrestlers and swimmers experience the advantage of pottali especially after prolonged exercise.


It is the process of pouring warm medicated oil or milk or buttermilk on the site of the center of the eyebrow & on the forehead which awakens the third eye – the seat of cognitive vision.

This is effective in inducing quiet and calm sleep by reducing fatigue, psychological problems, stress, tension and hair complaints. It invigorates the body and mind and stimulates cognitive memory.


It consists of special facial massage followed by the introduction of drops of medicated ghee or oil in the nose followed by steam inhalation.

It is a wonderful treatment to remove the doshas or congestion in the Ear, Nose & Throat. It cures problems of the respiratory track like chronic allergic asthma, cold cough etc.

It relieves mental fatigue, nervous disorders like depression insomnia, epilepsy and insanity. It is also useful in problems of excessive hair fall and premature graying. It helps to induce calm and quiet sleep. It sharpens the intellect by enhancing nervous system.


It consists of pouring warm medicated oil in the ears with special massage around the ear and on the face and lower neck. It uses the “marma” technique and is followed by facial steam. It is effective for ear problems, jaw problems, fatigue, facial expressions and the effects of ageing.


It consists of a warm oil bath to the eyes. It is especially effective for those handling computers and digital screens.

It is most useful for different sorts of eye problems like dryness of eyes, weak eyesight, reddening and pain in the eyes.

All persons in positions of higher authority stand to benefit from all above treatments.


Massage on the soles of the feet with kasa vaati and shatadhoughtghurt (ghee that is washed 100 times).

It induces calm sleep & help to treat Insomnia. It reduces pain & dryness of the sole  & leg. It is an instant reliever of fatigue, stress. It is the simplest and most revitalizing treatment of body, mind & soul.

10. SHIRO-abhyanga

Shiro-abhyanga is a head massage i.e. application of medicated oils to the head followed by a gentle massage.

It rejuvenates the entire body and strengthens the nervous system.

11. FACIAL- Seasonal (WINTER/summer/monsoon)

It is treatment of the face & its disorders like Acne Vulgaris, Spots etc.

Oleation of facial parts with suitable herbal preparations as per seasonal & individual skin. It is followed by the use of herbal facial steam.

            It gives a lustrous appearance to the face by improving facial tone & glow.

15. SANDHIBANDHA: Parts involved – Any Joints

It is a special treatment for joint pains using warm medicated oil and binding material. It relieves knee pain, shoulder pain and arthritis and anybody can avail of it.

16. LEPA:

It is an application of herbal paste or medicinal plaster on a specific part of the body or affected area. The treatment can be used on all the body parts.

It restores the equilibrium of the doshas.

            It is especially suitable for athletes to avoid injuries, muscle & ligament tear etc.


A ring of gram flour dough with warm oil within the ring is placed on various parts of body like Neck, center of chest, knee joint, back etc.

A) MANYABASTI: Parts involved – Cervical Region

This relaxes and rejuvenates the neck and eases the pain of cervical spondylosis.

B) KATIBASTI:  Parts involved – Vertebral column & Spine.

It strengthens the vertebral column and spinal cord. It helps to overcome problems of sciatica, spondylosis, slip-disc and stiffness in the pelvic region. Katibasti develops stamina and reduces back pain; it reduces problems related to osteoporosis.

C) HRUDBASTI: Parts involved – Chest & Heart Region

This rejuvenates the heart muscles, strengthens

Cardiac activity, calms down the heart spiritually and improves respiratory disorders.

It is excellent for all cardiac disorder & strengthens the function of heart.

D) JANUBASTI: Parts involved – Knee Joints

It revitalizes and strengthens the knee and relieves the troubles of the knees including severe pain in the knees.

13. BASTI- Enema Treatment in Ayurveda

Basti in Ayurveda is said to be the king of all Panchkarma & mainly related to treat Vata Doshas disorders. If vata dosha is balanced, the other two doshas i.e. Pitta and Kapha would be balanced automatically. Because it is considered that Vata Dosha is root cause of many disorders. Hence Basti therapy balances all the three doshas viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha respectively. This is the beauty of these particular Panchakarma treatments.

14. UTTARBASTI – Uttarbasti is a very popular noninvasive procedure of Panchakarma without anaesthesia.It is done on OPD basis for the treatment of disorders of urethra in males and urethra and vagina in females.

Female – Menstrual disorders like Menorrhagia, Leucorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea, etc., Infertility, Miscarriage,    fibroid, cyst; DUB etc. are treated by Uttarbasti. Diseases pertaining in the Urinary tract infections (Urinary incontinence, & genitalia regions of females are also relieved.

Male – Disease related to any type of urinary problems, benign prostate enlargement, incontinence of Urine and Cystitis (a urinary bladder infection caused by bacterial infection), less sperm count, Impotence etc.
Prescription-As advised by concern doctor & precautions

All above therapy are preventive treatment for two wheeler users, athletes, wrestlers, swimmers.

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