Atha Yoga-Anuśāsanam

Kaivalyadhama teaches and follows the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali, the pioneer who laid down the foundation for traditional yoga.

Patanjali, who was the first to standardize and codify Yoga practice, drew up eight steps for silencing the mind: restraints, observances, postures, breath control, withdrawal, slowing of mind, contemplation and meditation.

These eight steps systematically wash away the impurities of the mind, making it progressively pure and cleansed.

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Along with a Yogic lifestyle, Kaivalyadhama offers elaborate facilities for Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Book a room in the beautiful, tree-shaded campus and treat yourself to Panchkarma or Naturopathy package or a simple Relaxation Package with Yoga and a vegetarian organic diet.


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The Yoga Scientist who started it all 

Not many people in the west, or in the far east, know of Swami Kuvalayananda.
This penniless yogi had started scientific research into yoga way back in 1924, in a small hut in the hills of western India.
His research was on the effects of yoga postures and breathing exercises(pranayama) on the human body and mind.
Swami Kuvalayananda had personally experienced the profound transformative effects of yoga, and he wished to validate his experiences through the scientific lens of the early twentieth century. Proof – in the language of science. That was his goal.
To prove to the world that the ancient practice of yoga was not just mystical, or simply a belief, but that it really worked.
His tireless work over decades generated a lot of interest in the universities of the west. His work was published in many journals and gradually, over many years,  the practices of yoga gained some credibility.
Now, a short online video series tells the story of the unusual yogi scientist in three parts. Transformation. Initiation. And Manifestation.



KaivalyaDham featured in Yoga – Art of Transformation at the Smithsonian.

Millions of people around the world practice yoga to find spiritual insight and improved health. While many are aware of yoga’s origins in India, few may know about its philosophical underpinnings or its fascinating history over thousands of years. Yoga: The Art of Transformation goes beyond postures and delves into how yoga has evolved into a global phenomenon through an exploration of its visual history.

KaivalyaDham in Lonavala, India – 100 kms from Mumbai


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KaivalyaDhama. Formed in 1917. Established in 1924.


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