The ANAND Project

Upcoming Holistic Care Centre for Cancer Survivors and Lifestyle conditions.


The Problem

Non-communicable diseases like cancer and diabetes kill over 40 million people each year, which is equivalent to 70% of all deaths globally. Eighty percent of these premature deaths occur in low-middle income group families and countries.

Kaivalyadhama has been conducting evidence based scientific research and programs which have helped ushering holistic improvement of health and psychological empowerment to people suffering from non-communicable diseases through yoga and allied therapy.

Great success rate of these programs over the years has led to more people approaching us for therapy and treatment, but we are unable to cater to over 75% of the people contacting us due to lack of infrastructure.

The Solution

We thus urgently need a Holistic Care Centre for serving Cancer Survivors and people affected by Lifestyle conditions and are building “Project Anand” at our Lonavala campus for the same. We envisage to provide accommodation, treatment, and therapies asper the needs of Cancer Survivors and people affected by NCDs at this center.

Project Anand is a 31,000 sq. feet stay and research infrastructure coming up with following key highlights

  • 30 new rooms offering clean, hygienic and comfortable accommodation
  • A central space for Yoga and meditation ( Dhyan Mandir)
  • Dinning space and Kitchen ( Tattva)
  • Special treatment rooms for Therapies
  • A library ( Atmamanthan)
  • Large open space in sync with the nature  for relaxation and healing

Our Plea

We request you to consider a generous donation which would enable you to serve the people who are Cancer survivors and those affected by lifestyle conditions. The greatest gift of mankind is to support another human being, and nothing can measure the joy of giving when it’s for someone who is without hope and support.

Your Benefits

Life goes on, but some of human acts remain embedded on the sands of time, due to large impact it has on the wellbeing and lives of other people. Project Anand, is one such project which would leave your generosity to impact people and convey their resounding “Thanks” for years to come.

There are multiple donation avenues available and you could choose the one which best meets your views. You may even consider naming a particular section of the project after your loved ones. We also have 100% tax exemption for individual donors.

Donate Towards Project Anand

Your contribution x Multiple Hands = BIG CHANGE


For Indian Donors
For International donors


Mr. Nishant Jain –
(Project Director)

Mr. Subodh Tiwari –
(CEO – Kaivalyadhama)