Volunteer with us in selfless service

स्वस्मै स्वल्पं समाजाय सर्वस्वं।
A little for yourself and everything for others.

Indian spiritual traditions consider Seva or selfless service as a significant part of any spiritual practice. In the journey towards self-realization, Seva is selfless action without any expectation of reward or result.

Volunteerism is one of the most selfless and rewarding acts that can endow us with an inner enrichment. We, at Kaivalyadhama, hereby, welcome volunteers to carry forward our mission to serve humanity and make an immense difference possible in the sphere of YOGA.

This spirit of selfless action through the interconnectedness of all existence is the very essence of Yoga. To serve one, is service to the whole.

Engage yourself as a volunteer and demonstrate your contributions to
experience a joy of giving and sharing!

Our Purpose:

To offer opportunity to individuals to contribute through their SEVA so to gain spiritual experience and hone further your own practice. This is not job or work, but a humane contribution towards the Ashram.



Simple community lodging and boarding will be provided free of cost.


One can take up Seva for a period ranging from two months to six months

Seva Areas

Green Ashram Project:

Helping in the maintenance and continuation of the vast green spaces of the institute. This may include activities related to watering, agriculture, plantation, maintenance, beautification and so on. 

Gaushala “ Dairy”:

Helping in the caretaking of our happy cows. This includes maintaining the area of their living, taking them to graze, feeding them, washing them, and interacting with them. 

G. S. College of Yoga:

One can assist in the Yoga classes of the college and work under our experienced Yoga teachers in various areas such as, organising lectures, coordinating students’ activities or any other areas of specialty.

Health Care Centre:

One can assist in the Yoga Therapy classes, Naturopathy Section or Ayurveda Section. The work will involve preparation for therapies, assisting in classes and related coordination.

If you are interested and would like to enroll yourself,
please connect us on

Email: info@kdham.com
Landline: +91 (02114) – 273001 / 273039
Mobile: (+91) 7262026878

This is not a regular job or work,
it is a sacred contribution towards the Ashram.