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Yoga and Ayurveda TTC

Online teacher training courses on Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga Instructor’s Online Course
( Yoga TTC with two week practicals in India)

Yoga teacher training
Along with asanas and kriyas, an aspiring yoga teacher must know and teach the philosophy.

This foundation teacher’s training course provides an intimate experience online, with over 60 hours of in-depth video lectures and guidance from the teachers over email.

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Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers
( Online TTC  with optional two week practicals in India)

Online ayurveda course

Study the theory online through 100 video lessons, read and check curated references online, discuss online with our ayurveda guides, take notes and complete assignments.
This should take you minimum 100 hours to 150 hours if you do it sincerely.
After submission of assignments and checking by us, you are awarded the certificate – AYURVEDA CERTIFICATE FOR YOGA TEACHERS.

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Other Online Courses

Sat bir Khalsa

Yoga Research – Online Course
( by Dr. Satbir Singh Khalsa)


  • The Rationale for Research
  • Basic Research on Yoga
  • Basic Research on Yoga – 2
  • Yoga Therapy Research
  • Yoga Therapy Research- 2
  • Research for Specific Disorders
  • Research for Respiratory Disorders
  • Research for Psychiatric Disorders
  • Research for Insomnia
  • Research – Yoga for Prevention

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Samkhya by Ganesh Rao

Samkhya – Online Course

Dr. Rao has conducted more than 18,000 sessions of Yoga till date, covering both the theory and practice of all aspects of Yoga catering towards health and healing.
His expertise and endeavours are geared towards enabling the adherent to transcend the physical, mental, psychological and intellectual aspects while aiming for the ultimate purpose for which Yoga authentically stands. In this process, physical health, mental harmony, psychological serenity and intellectual clarity arise as by-products.

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