Yoga and Ayurveda

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Ayurveda Program for the Following Dates Are Full

26th May to 02nd June 2024
02nd June to 09th June 2024
09th June to 16th June 2024
16th June to 23rd June 2024

Based on the principles of the five elements of nature, Ayurveda can help remove toxic effects of present-day life style issues, unhealthy food, harmful medicines, and environmental changes. This ancient science works on bodily aspects such as Dosha (basic body energy), Dhatu (body tissue), and Mala (excretion).

Our Integrated Approach

At Kaivalyadhama, Yoga with Ayurveda and Panchakarma offers you an integrated approach to renew and destress yourself with herbal treatments for ailments, recovery, and restoration. We believe that combining this age-old wisdom of Ayurveda with yoga promotes and maintains sustained physical and emotional health in routine life.

The Ayurveda and Panchakarma course at Kaivalyadhama, begins after a personal medical consultation by an Ayurvedic doctor, depending on the condition of the patient’s body. This is an in-depth intervention that helps our doctors gauge the level and depth of physical and emotional disturbance for planning exclusive treatments.

Customised programs are thoughtfully designed for healing, detoxification, and rejuvenation. This involves beginning with internal medicinal lubrication to detach the body from toxins by any one or a combination of procedures. Therapies include Abhyanga, Potali, Swedan, Shirodhara, Padyabahyanga, Nasya Basti, Karnapuran, Netrabasti, Lepa, Facial, Hrudbasti, Katibasti, Manyabasti, Sandhibandha, and so on.

The combined specialised schedule incorporates your yoga practice, intake of herbal decoction teas, a select saatvik diet with supplements, massages and different therapies with medicated oil & medicated ghee. While the guests have a duration choice of a week or more for this program, a longer stay ensures enhanced benefits of Panchakarma.

Ayurveda is known to Effectively Treat

Program Highlights

Clean and hygienic Ayurvedic treatment areas

Regular check-ups and consultation with our doctors

Modifications as required depending on the patient’s condition

Treatment with non-toxic and pure herbs carefully prepared in-house

Well-trained and qualified staff for massages and therapies

Specially recommended diet

What is Panchakarma?

Based on ancient Ayurvedic principles, Panchakarma involves five procedures:

  1. Vaman / Emetics: Therapeutic vomiting, useful in cases of allergies, asthma, sinusitis, purifies respiratory tract.
  2. Virechan / Purgation: Useful in heart, blood vessels and liver troubles.
  3. Basti / Enema: Two types of enemas are possible. Introduction of decoction or oil in the rectal passage. Useful in disorders of locomotion, in constipation and neurological problems.
  4. Nasya / Nasal Administration: Oil or medicated milk or some herbal powder is introduced in the nostrils to expel toxins from forehead and head. It also rejuvenates the sense organs.
  5. Raktamoksana / Bloodletting: Involves therapeutic bloodsucking by leeches.

Cleansing procedures are advised and tailor-made by our doctors
depending on ones’ health, age, and medical conditions.

Three steps of Panchakarma practice

Pruvakarma/ Pre Treatment

a) Oleation with a medicated oil massage, that is complemented with a special diet. Our body is like a machine that must be serviced and cleansed for restoring the health of the body.

b) Fomentation is carried out in different ways to open bodily channels and bring the toxins towards the nearest outlets of the body.

Pradhamkarma/ Main Treatment

Our Ayurveda experts decide the main karma according to health conditions and bodily constitution of the person undergoing treatment. Karmas depend on the patient's condition and hereditary history.

Paschatkarma/ Post Treatment

a) After the main purification process, the bodily functions must be reset. Gradually there is a natural shift form special diet to a suitable normal diet.

b) This includes rejuvenating therapies by following some simple home remedies.

Daily Schedule

Our Dinacharya (Daily Schedule) is a very important aspect of your stay at Kaivalyadhama. We have designed the same based on the principles of Yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda to ensure a holistic experience during your stay. From nourishment breaks at fixed time slots to practices at assigned hours and from wake up time to evening discussions, everything is carefully planned to reset your body clock for optimum performance and yet give you the flexibility to enjoy your therapies and self-time at Kaivalyadhama.

Ayurveda Program – Rs. 14,000/- per week

Ayurveda Program – Rs. 11,000/- per week
(w.e.f 1st April Program Price will be – Rs. 14,000/- per week)

Our Ayurveda Doctors

Dr. Jagdish L. Bhutada

Ayurveda Expert & Panchakarma Specialist, Pune

Dr. Jagdish Bhutada is a highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Vaidya from Pune. He completed his studies from Pune University and holds the degree of Ayurvedacharya (B.A.M.S.). He is a Panchakarma Specialist (D.P.C.), Ayurveda and Snatak (Gurukul method). In the last decade, he has worked tirelessly around the world sharing his knowledge and experience in the science of Ayurveda. He has visited countries such as Philippines, France, Holland, Austria, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan and Japan. His aim is to spread knowledge of Ayurveda and prevention of diseases based on Ayurvedic principles through health camps, workshops, and lectures. His delightful personality and cheerful approach to work continues to inspire all who participate in the camps.

Dr. Gururaj R. D. (RMO Ayurveda)

Senior RMO in Ayurveda Department, Kaivalyadhama

Dr. Gururaj is more than an Ayurveda doctor. He is an author, counsellor, teacher and a healer. His contribution in the Ayurveda department as an RMO for more than ten years is immense, highly appreciated and sustained. He has contributed in the field of R&D, written popular and scientific articles on the impact on Ayurveda as an alternative form of medication for various ailments. For those busy minds who want to understand the intricacies and profit from Ayurveda, he has extended his services to conduct practical Ayurveda course and lectures in our college of Yoga.

E-mail: medical@kdham.com

Dr. Gururaj Doddoli - Senior RMO in Ayurveda Department, Kaivalyadhama

Dr. Sajith Pillai

BAMS, Ayurvedic Medical Consultant – Kaivalyadhama

Dr. Sajith Pillai (BAMS) Ayurvedic Medical Consultant – Kaivalyadhama. Speciality in Classical Ayurvedic medicine practice. Also has speciality in Kerala Ayurved Panchkarma treatment from Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda foundation, Thrissur , Kerala. He has conducted workshops, Lectures, Ayurveda course at Kaivalyadham.

Abhyanga with steam: Medicated full-body oil massage with herbal steam

Abhyanga with no steam: Medicated full-body oil massage

Pottali: Massage with herbal bolus

Udhwartan: Massage with special herbal powder

Shirodhara: Pouring of warm medicated oil on forehead

Hrudbasti: Treating of the heart area with warm medicated oil

Shiroabhyanga: Medicated oil head massage

Nasya: Administering medicated oil through nose

Karanpuran: Treating of the ears with medicated oil

Netrabasti: Treating of the eyes with medicated ghee

Padyabhyanga: Special massage of legs and soles with a bronze bowl

Katibasti: Treating the lower back with warm medicated oil

Manyabasti: Treating the neck /upper back with warm medicated oil

Sandhiband: Treating the joint with medicated oil and a warm golden needle

Janubasti: Treating the knee joint with warm medicated oil

Facial: Facial massage and treatment with special herbal paste

Lep: Application of herbal paste

Please Note:

  • Our programs are designed for participants who are independent.
  • We do not provide transport for commuting within the campus.
  • We do not provide any attendant. It is advisable to understand the limitations before making a booking.
  • The confirmation of the stay of the participant lies with Kaivalyadhama Management on arrival in which case the booking amount will be refunded.

Please Note:

  • Our programs are designed for participants who are independent.
  • We do not provide transport for commuting within the campus.
  • We do not provide any attendant. It is advisable to understand the limitations before making a booking.
  • The confirmation of the stay of the participant lies with Kaivalyadhama Management on arrival in which case the booking amount will be refunded.

The battle with the COVID-19 Pandemic is not over yet, thus we are taking every necessary precaution. Your safety & Health is our concern.

  • We request you to please cooperate with us when we expect you not to move out of the campus during your stay.
  • Adherence to COVID 19 appropriate protocols is mandatory.
  • ***With the prevailing pandemic situations, Symptomatic participants may require to undergo a RAT test on discretion of the Medical Officer

Let us Stay Healthy, Safe & Happy

Stay and Reservations


  • Please confirm about your program selection by responding to the reservation’s confirmation email.
  • For Medical Insurance: Documentation and processing Fees will be applicable. Please connect on booking@kdham.com for details.

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