IDY - 2020

Message from Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

Message from Shri O P Tiwari, Secretary Kaivalyadhama

Hon. Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari

In conversation with Shri. Shripad Naik​

Starting From 10th March, 2021

We are continuing this program from last three years. We impart a 20-hour training in fundamental philosophy of Yoga and practice of CYP with some additional practices. 

We teach the following topics through discussion

  1. Physiological Aspect of Yoga
  2. History and development of Yoga
  3. Philosophy and foundations of Yoga
  4. Physiological aspects of Yoga
  5. Concept of Mitahara
  6. Yogic Management of lifestyle conditions
  7. Yoga for stress management.
  8. The Concept, principle and practice of Asana
  9. The concept, principle and practice of pranayama
  10. Stress awareness and yoga

Practice of common Yoga protocol is taught in details to enable them to train their peer in CYP. 

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'Yoga for Young Minds' Series

1. Attitude management through asanas

In this video, we learn how to develop a set of healthy emotions, beliefs and behavior through the practice of asanas and the meaning of their symbols. In a journey full of metaphors, our body and mind are compared to a garden in which we are invited to plant seeds of positive emotions. Practicing daily those asanas, one will be able to progressively transform their attitude and their whole personality.

2. Balancing the emotions 

After defining emotions and explaining their potentially negative impact on our everyday life, Tanushri and her two demonstrators take us within to find a solution. This session will help us stabilize our mind with asanas, calm down with pranayama and nullify disturbing emotions with chanting.

Emotions will not stop there, but Yoga will help us observe them neutrally and live in equanimity.

3. Yoga for Self-Acceptance

After a calming introduction, this module offers us a series of practices to get to know ourselves the way we are, with love and kindness. Using many analogies, Dipali guides us into a self-exploratory journey which destination is the acceptance of whatever comes. Open yourself; surrender and Transformation will surely happen.

4. Body, Mind & Breath awareness & Stress relief

This mindful session teaches us a powerful yet simple way to overcome stress. Observing our bodily sensations, the quality of our breath and the stories of our mind in an unattached way, we are more in the present moment.

Through asanas, pranayama and visualization, we develop awareness of the space between our thoughts and emotions, and find a sure way to happiness.

5. Yoga for Monkey Mind (Improve Concentration and Focus)

Good focus is required for academics, sports and to be efficient and excel in all spheres of life. It is important to keep distractions away and learn to tame the monkey mind.

This session will introduce you to simple Yoga techniques which can boost your focus and concentration.

6. Mind your Mind

The bubbling energy of youth needs to be channelized in the right direction. If one can learn to master the mind, almost any outcome is possible. This session will explain what happens physiologically when a person is having very active mind and how the same impacts our health and mental abilities. We will focus on different Yogic techniques to relax the mind and put you in charge of the same.

7. Building a positive Self Image

Constant comparisons, a result oriented environment, peer pressure and social influence leads to development of low self-esteem. There is a constant desire to be like someone and we tend to play catch up at most times. This session will focus on understanding, who are you really and who can define you. It will help you develop self-awareness and self-respect. Yoga can help develop a physical body, sharp mind and put you in charge of your life in the true sense.

8. Yoga and Mental Health – Part 1: Common psychological problems and its self-assessment

We often say we are stressed, anxious, depressed. However, do we understand what these terms really mean or do we tend to use it loosely? How about a correct psychological understanding of these terms? In this video, we will begin this three-part series on yoga and mental health by understanding the common psychological problems of stress, anxiety, and depression more intuitively as well as find out ways to identify its common signs and symptoms with standard psychological self-assessments.

9. Yoga and Mental Health – Part 2: Calming Our Mind

Haven’t we all taken refuge in music at some point of time to calm our minds and make us feel better? Haven’t we also played the music that we like again and again and tried to immerse ourselves in it? How about self-music and its repetition? In this video, we will explore how the sounds that we produce ourselves and its constant recitation can be a simple yet effective technique to immediately stop the hijack of unpleasant thoughts and emotions and bring presence in the moment.

10. Yoga and Mental Health – Part 3: Psycho-physiological Balance and Emotional Resilience

Have you felt that you cannot handle the situations in your life? Have you felt lonely? Have you ever thought of befriending yourself? Regardless of what your answers are to these questions, yoga can serve as a tool to help you in self-discovery of all those shades of yourself, positive or negative, which always needed your attention but never had, and help you become your own best friend. In this video, we will engage in breath-work and get to know how this could be a powerful tool to help restore our mind-body balance, build emotional resilience, and maintain mental health.