Yoga Mimamsa

The Scientific Journal of Yoga

It was Swami Kuvalayananda who wanted his scientific findings and researches to reach to the common man and hence he came up with the first edition of the Yoga Mimamsa in 1924, publishing his research results since 1917.

According to Dr. O. P. Tiwari, in the beginning of 19th century, no one had ever thought that Yoga could ever have a scientific aspect as Yoga was understood to be a spiritual practice only.

To date Kaivalyadhama has published 43 (Part II) Volumes of Yoga Mimamsa, a quarterly scientific journal.
The journal today has its audiences all over the world and its reach is growing rapidly.

The journal brings out the scientific findings and researches in the field of Yoga and has proven to be one of the most sought after scientific research treatise on Yoga.