Yoga and Healing

Immersive Healing through Self Observation
and Awareness

Chronic ailments can cause immense physical, mental and emotional distress and upheaval.
SOHAM offers 14 days of Yoga therapy that can empower you for life!

14th to 27th April 2024
(Check-in: 14th April
Check-out: 28th April)

At Kaivalyadhama, we understand the concerns of those enduring chronic health conditions or psychosomatic disorders for a long time.

We believe that Yoga practice can inspire an encouraging outlook and fulfilling life.

Immersive Healing through SOHAM

SOHAM is Kaivalyadhama’s 14-day immersive on-campus Yoga therapy program specially designed for individuals suffering from chronic ailments.

Through alternate healing solutions for the body, mind, and emotions, SOHAM offers holistic treatment.

It compassionately addresses physical, psychological, social, and emotional aspects of chronic ailments, addictions and co-occurring disorders.

Through this two-week program, we take special care to work on your bodily stresses and mental anxieties caused due to continued ailments.


Thoughtfully designed, SOHAM is a highly immersive and integrated approach to enhance mental wellbeing and enrich overall quality of life by way of traditional Yoga.

With SOHAM, our expert Yoga masters guide you to manage your suffering and struggles through rehabilitation and re-orientation for leading a normal life.

By altering our perspectives, SOHAM helps to seek and understand the purpose and meaning of life for a positive outlook.

As a retreat, SOHAM offers a combination of engaging therapy sessions, absorbing naturopathy treatments, and engrossing discussions.

Remark: We are focussing only on Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy, Sound Therapy is no longer a part of this program

Integrated Yoga Therapy

Conscious observance of certain rules for self-discipline and self-training called ‘Yamas’, ‘Niyamas’ and ‘maitri bhavana’.

Asana, Mudra and Bandha and Pranayama.

various types of lavages and special acclimatization processes.

Who can Benefit from SOHAM?

Experience Holistic Healing through SOHAM

Regarding Registration and Booking –
For registration, the participants need to book a room first then the booking reference code to be shared at onsiteworkshops@kdham.com to reserve their spot for the workshop. The workshop fee to be paid on arrival.

Program Dates

14th to 27th April 2024
(Check-in: 14th April
Check-out: 28th April)


Program Fees - Rs. 20,000
(For 14th to 27th April 2024)

Please visit the link here for Room Tariffs

Program Dates

19th February to 4th March 2023
(Check-in: 19th February
Check-out: 5th March)

1st to 14th October 2023
(Check-in: 1st October
Check-out: 15th October)


Program Fees - Rs. 16,500
(For 19th February to 4th March 2023 )

Program Fees - Rs. 20,000
(For 1st to 14th October 2023 )

Please visit the link here for Room Tariffs

Query for this workshop? Please email us – onsiteworkshops@kdham.com


Program Fees - Rs. 16,500

Accommodation and meals

Single Standard Room with common bath - Rs. 16,408 for 2 weeks
Single Standard Room with attached bath - Rs. 24,472 for 2 weeks
Single Executive Room (Non-AC) - Rs. 27,160 2 weeks
Single Executive Room (AC) - Rs. 32,088 for 2 weeks
Single Deluxe Room (Non-AC) - Rs. 41,944 for 2 weeks
Single Deluxe Room (AC) - Rs. 46,872 for 2 weeks

Experience Holistic Healing

Program Dates

21st February to 7th March 2021
26th September to 10th October 2021
7th November to 21st November 2021


Program Fees - Rs. 16,500

Accommodation and meals

Single Standard Room with common bath - Rs. 16,000 for 2 weeks
Single Standard Room with attached bath - Rs. 23,200 for 2 weeks
Single Executive Room (Non-AC) - Rs. 25,600 for 2 weeks
Single Executive Room (AC) - Rs. 30,000 + taxes for 2 weeks
Single Deluxe Room (Non-AC) - Rs. 38,800 + taxes for 2 weeks
Single Deluxe Room (AC) - Rs. 43,200 + taxes for 2 weeks

Daily Schedule

Our Dinacharya (Daily Schedule) is a very important aspect of your stay at Kaivalyadhama. We have designed the same based on the principles of Yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda to ensure a holistic experience during your stay. From nourishment breaks at fixed time slots to practices at assigned hours and from wake up time to evening discussions, everything is carefully planned to reset your body clock for optimum performance and yet give you the flexibility to enjoy your therapies and self-time at Kaivalyadhama.

Our Facilitators

Yogacharya Sandhya Dixit


Yogacharya Sandhya Dixit is one of the senior-most teacher in Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala. She has experience of 39 years in the field of yoga. She has actively conducted workshops and training camps at national and international levels. Her 10 days online workshops series in March 2020 ‘Yoga for senior citizens’ collaboration with the Ministry of Ayush was applauded and acknowledged by thousands of people. Her Pranayama online workshops have been successful since June 2020. Workshop participants love her style of teachings. She recently is awarded Swami Kuvalayananda Yoga Puraskar 2020 for her dedicated, committed and extraordinary work in the field of Yoga.

Dr. R. S. Bhogal

Joint Dir. Research at Kaivalyadhama

Dr. R. S. Bhogal is Joint Dir. Research at Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala, with more than thirty years of research and teaching experience, particularly pertaining to Meditation. He holds the first ever PhD in Psychology that discovers fundamental psycho-physiological bases of meditation. Formerly, Principal of Yoga College of Kaivalyadhama (Lonavala), he is Editor-in-Chief of Yoga Mimamsa (a biennial scientific Journal) of Kaivalyadhama.

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Oncampus Workshop

Ms. Sindhu Tiwari

Yoga Therapist – Kaivalyadhama

Ms. Sindhu Tiwari has been associated with Kaivalyadhama since 2015. As a Yoga Therapist, she conducts one-on-one sessions for individuals having psychosomatic ailments.

In 2018, she started an immersive healing program – “SOHAM” for individuals who have had chronic conditions for a long time or individuals who have gone through intervention for cancer and need empowerment toward better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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Ms. Sindhu Tiwari

Please Note:

  • Our programs are designed for participants who are independent.
  • We do not provide transport for commuting within the campus.
  • We do not provide any attendant. It is advisable to understand the limitations before making a booking.
  • The confirmation of the stay of the participant lies with Kaivalyadhama Management on arrival in which case the booking amount will be refunded.

The battle with the COVID-19 Pandemic is not over yet, thus we are taking every necessary precaution. Your safety & Health is our concern.

  • We request you to please cooperate with us when we expect you not to move out of the campus during your stay.
  • Adherence to COVID 19 appropriate protocols is mandatory.
  • ***With the prevailing pandemic situations, Symptomatic participants may require to undergo a RAT test on discretion of the Medical Officer

Let us Stay Healthy, Safe & Happy

Stay and Reservations

Customised Programs

Pay for your customised Ayurveda/Naturopathy/Relaxation/Healing/Weight Management/Sadhana/Prabalatwam programs after Doctor’s consultation ON ARRIVAL


  • For enhancing your personalised yoga experience, payments and bookings for all bespoke programs are accepted after discussion with our doctors, ON ARRIVAL only
  • Wheelchairs are available on request



Other Residential Programs

Your feedback is important to us, so before you continue, let us know
Your feedback is important to us, so before you continue, let us know