Panchakarma – Miracle art of healing and Detoxification

Before you search for an Ayurveda Panchakarma in India, you must know what exactly is Panchkarma. Here is where you will know all about it. Background Ayurveda basically intends for maintaining the health of the healthy person and treating the diseased. To maintain good health, it suggests certain daily routines and seasonal routines to follow.

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Chakra Meditation

Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline based on experiential and transcendental phenomena. It focuses on bringing a positive harmony between mind and body. It is an art and science of healthy living. The science of yoga has its origin thousands of years ago, long before the first religions or belief systems were born. Did you

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The Power Of Pranayama

Pranayama is one of the most renowned ancient and popular practices of yoga. Its practice has been mentioned in the Vedas and its existence dates back to Patanjali Yoga Sutra written in 200 B.C. Preliminaries of Pranayama Pranayama is both a traditional and a scientific technique that balances the mind, body, emotions, and ultimately the

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Yoga and Mindfulness for Teens

Today’s modern life between all the hustle and bustle of new trends or fads, our  Teenagers or Generation Z usually fail to prioritize their wellbeing. The cherry on the top is the pandemic which has brought various changes to our regular routine and isolation at home and absence of the active environment of an academic

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Appreciation of Pātañjalayogasūtras

Online Workshop Series August, September and October 2021 Yoga is a Science and Art of living life and going beyond it. Yoga is as old as human civilization. Yoga has been there in various forms. ‘Pātañjalayogasūtras’, ‘Pātañjalayogadarśana’ or ‘Yogadarśana’ was propounded by Sage Patañjali. Sage Patañjali is not the creator of Yoga, he collected the

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Impact of Yoga on Auto Immune Diseases

We have grown learning and knowing that our immunity is our greatest shield against diseases and works as the defense mechanism to protect our body. But what if this immunity is misled to fight against something it is supposed to protect? Rheumatic Arthritis, Thyroid, Lupus, Alopecia, IBD, Type 1 Diabetes, Psoriasis, etc are all examples

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