Adopt Yoga For Thyroid – Transform Your Health

Today, because of our unhealthy lifestyle diseases are becoming very common in every household and thyroid is one of them. So, in this article we will see how some healthy choices can help prevent thyroid and why you should opt Yoga for thyroid. What is Thyroid Disease? Thyroid disease is a condition that keeps your

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Yoga and Naturopathy for PCOS

If you are looking for information about PCOS, how it is caused and what are the ways to treat it, then this article is for you. You must have got the hint from the title of the article. Yes, Yoga and Naturopathy can help you manage PCOS. Keep reading to know more. What is PCOS?

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Heal with Yoga – Embark the Journey to Good Health

Yoga is a magic like tool for healthy living; a sustainable magic. People seek out yoga for multiple reasons. Some look at it initially as purely physical and to get bodily fit while some might look at it as a way to calm and quiet the mind. However, whatever the initial reason for coming to

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Mitahara: Yogic Nutrition and Mindful Eating

A well balanced nutritious diet has a huge impact on physical and mental well being. However, even after knowing this fact, the hectic routine hampers the living, making it difficult to maintain a proper diet and then growing health problems. Increasing number of people these days are moving towards vegan diet, keto diet, raw food

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Ways to Lead a Contented Life with Yoga

India is a nation rich in Yoga and Ayurveda. Fortunately, we have many yoga gurus, teachers, and swamis who have pioneered speaking about living a contentful life. Owing to that, I believe I should share my personal experience as a yoga student & express my learnings from a viewpoint of a common man. In this

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Naturopathy Treatment:
The Holistic Solution for Complete Well Being

Naturopathy banks on the belief that our body is in possession of the power to heal itself. The conventional treatment methods have been reigning for the last few decades where naturopathy had somehow lost its value. However, now, we see an uprising in the yoga and naturopathy modality as people are gradually embracing the concept

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