Can the Vegetarian Diet Be Healthy

Benefits of Vegetarian Food in Yoga and Naturopathy is immense as it makes a very valuable contribution to the vegetarian’s protein nutrition. A vegetarian diet can have a lot of nutritional benefits if it is rich in fruits and vegetables and contains moderate amounts of seeds, nuts, whole grains and legumes. There are several significant

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Pranayama: One of The Most Underestimated Yogic Practice

Maharishi Patanjali, the one who isn’t only the chief author of the Yoga Darshana but also the one who compiled entire science and practice of Yoga in 195 compressed and encrypted aphorisms (sutras) divided into 4 chapters of Patanjala Yoga Sutra. The great sage mentions the practical aspect and path of Yoga in his second

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Mind Matters

Balancing Your Emotions for Better Wellbeing In our daily lives, we experience a bagful of emotions. With each passing moment, we have a different view or opinion on looking at things, perceiving the new and old, and at times embracing or else declining the whole scenario. This may have to do with our past experience,

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Kaivalyadhama – What sets it apart

In the deep west of our cultural country, amidst the boundless ghats of diverse Maharashtra, lies a picturesque town called Lonavala. A hub for Mumbaikars and Punekars to untwine after a frenetic week at work. Other than the pristine lakes such as Tungarli and mouth-watering delicacies such as Misal Pav and Batata Vada, Lonavala has

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8 Transformative Effects of Meditation on the Brain
You Need to Know

Over the years, continuous meditation-and-the-brain research has been discovering remarkable benefits. These studies confirm ancient advantages through modern tools like fMRI and EEG. Meditation’s impact on our brain is diverse – from changing brain structure to reducing self-centred brain activity to enhancing communication between brain areas. Recent research not only shows these changes but also

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Yoga and Mindfulness for Teens

Dr. Anna Lembke, a world-leading expert on addiction, is concerned about phone problems. As the chief of Stanford University’s dual diagnosis addiction clinic, Lembke has spent over 25 years treating patients addicted to various substances and behaviours, from heroin to video games. In her book “Dopamine Nation,” she highlights how smartphones have become modern-day hypodermic

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