Moving the Yoga Way

COVID-19 has put us all into mandatory captivity and a new normal. Here are my two cents on this scenario which might help you tackle this pandemic and lead a healthy life. New Normal has Come with the New Health Problems:  Work from home, online classes, and virtual meetups are the common new normals. These

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Yoga in COVID-19

Lockdown is nothing new for Indian Civilization India’s spiritual masters and Yogis are living a self-isolated life since thousands of years with an intention to realize the ultimate truth of life. Eventually what happened to them is that they realized the nonexistence of what human body and mind experiences. Indian philosophy & its ancient life

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Yoga For Weight Loss

Our body tries to maintain its ideal weight through various internal regulatory mechanisms, which is the result of a complicated network of neural, hormonal and numerous chemical reactions. There are various factors involved in management of weight in adults, say Metabolic Rate Physical Activity Hormones Diet Though there are numerous tips and tricks all over

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Friends, as we know we all are going through the worst pandemic in about 100 years where it has affected millions of lives across the continents; the loss of our fellow human beings is heart breaking and disturbing.As scientist, doctors and researchers there look for new ways to fight and defeat this virus, here we

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Elements Of Yogic Practices To Keep You Away From COVID

Viruses are not new to mankind; the world has seen several virus attacks in the past and they’ll be there in the future too. SAARS, NIPAH, EBOLA, Swine flu to name a few. It is certainly recognized that there is an increase in the development of already existing viruses or mutated ones which could result

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Citta Prasadanam Ancient Wisdom for Eternal Happiness

“maitri karuna mudito-peksanam-sukha-duhkha punya-apunya-vishayanam bhavanatah citta-prasadanam” Patanjali Yoga Sutra ||33|| Root cause of all the suffering is the afflictions (something that causes pain or suffering). These afflictions are described as 5 klesha by Sage Patanjali. These are categorized as the following – Avidya(Ignorance) Asmita(Ego) Raga(Attachment) Dvesha(Hatred) Abhinivesa(Fear of death) Understanding and accepting the existence of

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