The Goshala project

Salutaion to cows, to the progency of Kamadhenu, to the daughters of Brahma my salutations again and again to the sanctifying cows. Come towards Yoga, Nature and Cows. The foundations of Indian Culture and Civilization is the self realization and devotion to God accomplished through self-knowledge, self transcendence and self-less service. For the first time,

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Self Culture
Kaivalya Dham

 The Goal and the Way

Siddhartha was a happy prince and was very happy indeed. He was in his early youth and had enough wealth to indulge in a life of luxury and abundance. He was married to the beautiful princess Yashodhara and the life was in flying colours to him. He never came across the grim realities of life

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The best spiritual story I’ve ever heard.

Once there lived a king, he had everything he wished for, but one fine day three questions came across his mind. The questions were: 1. What is the most important time ? 2. Who is the most important person ? 3. What is the most important thing to do ? He became pretty restless and

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Yoga in COVID-19

Lockdown is nothing new for Indian Civilization India’s spiritual masters and Yogis are living a self-isolated life since thousands of years with an intention to realize the ultimate truth of life. Eventually what happened to them is that they realized the nonexistence of what human body and mind experiences. Indian philosophy & its ancient life

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Yoga For Weight Loss

Our body tries to maintain its ideal weight through various internal regulatory mechanisms, which is the result of a complicated network of neural, hormonal and numerous chemical reactions. There are various factors involved in management of weight in adults, say Metabolic Rate Physical Activity Hormones Diet Though there are numerous tips and tricks all over

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