Citta Prasadanam Ancient Wisdom for Eternal Happiness – Heal with Yoga

“maitri karuna mudito-peksanam-sukha-duhkha punya-apunya-vishayanam bhavanatah citta-prasadanam” Patanjali Yoga Sutra ||33|| Root cause of all the suffering is the afflictions (something that causes pain or suffering). These afflictions are described as 5 klesha by Sage Patanjali. These are categorized as the following – Avidya(Ignorance) Asmita(Ego) Raga(Attachment) Dvesha(Hatred) Abhinivesa(Fear of death) Understanding and accepting the existence of

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Patanjali Yoga / Ashtanga Yoga

Today, Yoga is popular globally as a form of exercise or as a part of daily workouts; but authentic Yoga has wider and deeper dimensions to it than what is commonly known. It is known for a fact that the body affects the mind and the mind affects the body. But, the effect of the

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The world is shattered and still dealing with novel corona virus As known, it is highly communicable and lowers our immunity rapidly, making it a complex disease to treat and contain. Acknowledging this situation, we have accepted social distancing and staying indoors as our new normal. Man being a social animal, we are habitual of

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This is in itself a value-based question The first definition that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of yoga is Physical Practices. But according to me it is a myth to think that Yoga is merely for physical well-being or for people who have bodily ailments or for those whom the conventional methods of

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Yoga and Weight Management

Yoga supports physical, mental and spiritual development. It is said that if you want to have the best version of yourself practice yoga. It is also an effective tool to lose weight irrespective of its apparently non-aerobic nature. The awareness gained through a gentle, relaxing yoga practice helps to lose weight. What does Ayurveda Say?

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Yamas and Niyamas-Quintessential in the path of yoga

– By Neeru Parashar The sharp rise in yoga’s popularity and demand in the modern world has come at a high cost. While the ancient wisdom of yoga continues to exist due to its benefits, yoga’s rapid expansion into the lives of millions of people has also led to confusion and misinterpretation in the practice.

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