Yoga and Naturopathy

Rejuvenation for your body and mind



Naturopathy is a system of working towards the cure of diseases without using medicines.  It is an ancient and traditional science which integrates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our natural constitution. Naturopathy has the capacity to prevent and in some cases also cure the disease. The main principles of Naturopathy are astounding. First, the reasons and remedies of all diseases are the same; ailments develop due to the presence of intoxicants which are removed. Second, the intoxicants cause diseases, not bacteria and viruses which simply feed off them. Third, nature itself is the best ‘doctor’, the patient is cured, not the ailment. All levels of the body are treated simultaneously and holistically. Finally, no medicines are used because Naturopathy is a superb medicine in itself. The principal aim of Naturopathy is to teach people the art of healthy living by changing their daily routine and habits—this not only cures the disease but makes our bodies strong and glowing. o, what are the techniques that are involved? There are four classifications: food, mud, water and massage therapies. In food therapy, the idea is to consume what we eat in its natural form as much as possible as it is by itself a medicine. This mainly includes fresh fruit, fresh leafy green vegetables, and sprouts; and there are different combinations of purifying, strengthening, or pacifying foods. These must be consumed in the correct proportion, and the stomach left a little empty. To extract intoxicants from the body, both mud baths and mud packs are used, particularly for ailments such as high blood pressure, tension headaches, anxiety, constipation, plus gastric and skin disorders. There are several main types of water therapy using clean fresh and cool water; and after this type of a treatment, the body feels refreshed and energized. The methods we use have efficacious results for a wide variety of ailments: a hip bath improves the efficiency of the liver, large intestine, stomach, and kidneys; a full steam bath opens the skin’s pores drawing out harmful intoxicants; a hot foot bath helps with asthma, knee pain, headache, sleeplessness, and menstrual irregularities; in addition, there is a full body water massage, a spine bath, hot and cold wraps, and enemas, all of these to get rid of the toxins we do not  want. Finally there is a massage therapy which increases the blood flow, removing stiffness, weariness, and pain from muscles and this can work in conjunction with some of the other naturopathic therapies. It is true that Naturopathy can be used to help cure and relieve many of today’s illnesses and diseases. It can also be used by anyone who wishes to simply enjoy the feeling of relaxing. This, no doubt, is therapeutic in itself. Naturopathy is always helpful for whatever be the reason.

The Naturopathy team at KaivalyaDham

Tariff (a la Carte)

1. Hot foot Bath – Rs. 150/-

2. Hot hip Bath – Rs. 200/-
3. Hot wet Pack – Rs. 200/-
4. Local steam – Rs. 200/-
5. Enema – Rs. 150/-
6. Immersion Bath – Rs. 200/-
7. Mud Bath – Rs. 300/-
8. Mud Pack – Rs. 100/-
9. Face Pack – Rs. 100/-
10. Face Steam – Rs. 100/-
11. Local Massage – Rs. 400/-
12. Infra Red – Rs. 150/-
13. Kansavati – Rs. 300/-
14. Steam Bath – Rs. 350/-
15. Water Massage – Rs. 350/-
16. Spine Bath – Rs. 300/-
17. Arm Bath – Rs. 150/-
18. Arm pack – Rs. 150/-
19. Chest pack – Rs. 200/-
20. Abdomen pack – Rs. 200/-
21. T Pack – Rs. 200/-
22. Kidney pack – Rs. 200/-
23. Sponge Bath – Rs. 200/-
24. Full wet pack – Rs. 250/-
25. L/M with Bibrator – Rs. 200/-
26. Magnet Beet – Rs. 50/-
27. Roller with A/C Preshure – Rs. 100/-
28. Magnet Knee Belt – Rs. 50/-
29. Hand Roller Magnet for Back – Rs. 150/-
30. Foot Roller – Rs. 100/-
31. Magnet Servical Belt – Rs. 50/-
32. Magnet Back Roller Massage – Rs. 150/-
33. Hand Spring Massage – Rs. 100/-
34. Head Magnet Belt – Rs. 50/-
35. B. P. Belt – Rs. 50/-
36. Diabetes Belt – Rs. 50/-
37. Finger Massage – Rs. 50/-

Experience KaivalyaDham

All healthcare programs (Yoga/Naturopathy/Ayurveda-Panchakarma/Obesity) are of minimum 7 days duration or longer. Check-in and out is fixed to Sundays. Please choose dates accordingly on the booking calendar.