Yoga and Pain Management

You can Effectively Manage your Pain with Yoga & Naturopathy

(Weekly Program)

Pain is a universal symptom. Pain of any kind makes us desperately seek relief.

Our joint pain or back pain is our body’s signal for prompting self-awareness. Many of us have to continue to live with chronic pain. No matter what kind of physical pain we experience, it’s effect on our life can be devastating, which makes pain management essential for living a fulfilling life.

What is Pain Management?

Pain Management focuses on not only easing your suffering but also improving the quality of your life.

Many practitioners of western and allopathic medicine prescribe pain killers and/or surgery as the only way to feel better and recover. These methods are invasive, and mostly do not address the root cause of the pain.

Physical therapists work to strengthen muscles, but a variety of naturopathic alternatives can control pain and provide relief.

Naturopathy offers the most natural and way to understand and address pain issues at the very core. When pain is controlled, many areas of the body and mind are restored – such as sleep, exercise, mental health, and relief from stress.

Through Naturopathy, safe and effective alternative treatments are explored to eliminate addictive drugs that are used for managing chronic pain.

Pain Management at Kaivalyadhama

At Kaivalyadhama, we emphasise on healing pain and discomfort through natural therapies. The therapeutic techniques used, identify underlying reasons that cause pain. These methods are designed to provide long-term relief to the body and peace of mind.

Our Naturopathy Physician will first consult you personally to understand your pain and assess your mind/body type.

This assessment is systematically applied by our expert, to your health goals for creating a customized pain management plan through natural therapies.

Pain Management Program

Pain, discomfort, and soreness in the joints are very common occurrences that cause tremendous distress to those suffering. The main cause of joint pain is arthritis which denotes an inflammation of the joints and can be treated.

This Program Offers Relief From

Program Highlights

The complete joint care package offers treatment for aching wrists, knees, elbows, back problems, and neck issues

Naturopathy treatments improve mobility and flexibility of the joints

Sattvic diet repairs joints internally, providing long term aid

Our Pain Management Therapies Include

For eliminating stiffness of joints, balancing all major muscle groups, and improving overall circulation in the body

For removing blockages and improving range of motions of joint & muscles

For alleviating pain particularly in painful areas, relaxing the muscle spasm, stimulating certain chemicals in the brain that boost the immune system, relieving stress and depression

For reducing stress, inducing deep relaxation, improving circulation, and revitalizing energy levels

For relaxation, improvement of nerve functions, improvement in brain power, increased blood circulation, boosting metabolism and energy levels, reduction in pain intensity

For reducing swelling and stiffness in the joints affected by arthritis, helping blood vessels to dilate to enhance blood flow to the affected area for toxin removal

Local application helps to relieve inflammation, swelling, and pain reduction

For relieving numbness and tingling in the extremities, and stimulating the nerves to enhance circulation

For removal of scar tissue breakdown, tissue relaxation, increase in muscle stimulation and vasodilation

For getting rid of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, faster healing, encouraging tissues to release toxins

For detoxification of areas which are swollen, blocked or sensitive, good for tight sore muscles, oedema and cellulite

For relieving inflammation, swelling, stiffness and spasm of muscles that ensures the absence of side effects and shows visible results within 2-3 weeks

Steps Involved in the Treatment Procedure

Close examination of the symptoms

Diagnosis of the condition

Advice regarding lifestyle and dietary modifications

Analysis of the patient's lifestyle and medical history

Provision of effective Naturopathy + Herbal treatment

Expected Outcomes

  • Tissue repair from the roots due to intense and deep herbal treatments
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased lubrication between joints
  • Reduces stiffness and pain in joints
  • Improved circulation and nutrition to the joints, which helps in reducing pain
  • Release of natural pain killers in the body from muscles, known as muscles opiates, that helps in relieving pain
  • Stimulation for release of endorphins as it works through the pain gate pathway

Duration: Minimum 1 Week

Price: Rs. 10,000/- 1 week

Don’t let pain dictate your life any longer.
We are here to help you find new ways to manage your pain with Yoga & Naturopathy…!!

Please Note:

  • Our programs are designed for participants who are independent.
  • We do not provide transport for commuting within the campus.
  • We do not provide any attendant. It is advisable to understand the limitations before making a booking.
  • The confirmation of the stay of the participant lies with Kaivalyadhama Management on arrival in which case the booking amount will be refunded.

Stay and Reservations


  • Please confirm about your program selection by responding to the reservation’s confirmation email.
  • For Medical Insurance: Documentation and processing Fees will be applicable. Please connect on booking@kdham.com for details.

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