Kaivalyadhama Ashram Trust

The Kaivalyadhama Ashram Trust, along with its competent teams, works incessantly towards achieving the mission of our founder, Swami Kuvalayananda. The Trust was established in 1924 with the objective to preserve, follow, and spread globally, the undiluted principles of traditional Ashtanga Yoga by Patanjali. We continue to be motivated by the distinct purpose of merging yoga tradition with science, and make this knowledge relevant and accessible to the world.

Evolving with the times, we today offer access to traditional Yoga across virtual platforms, in the comfort of your home and office. We take pride in the hundred-years of successfully reaching out to people across continents. We are grateful to all those who have played a part in this journey, and inspired by many more who will join us.

The Kaivalyadhama Trust is categorised based on the unique nature of roles to be performed. The Trust operates under the guidance and leadership of an honourable Advisory Board and Governing Body, along with many integral members, partners, and affiliates. Through its various functions, the Trust constantly endeavours to make Yoga, a way of life.


At Utpatti, the visitors’ centre and campus store, we aim to deliver conscious products for the body and mind. Utpatti offers books and yoga merchandise including all kinds of yoga accessories, and yoga-related equipment. Utpatti is one of the oldest structures inside the campus and also houses branded and local ayurvedic, organic, and natural items for a nourishing lifestyle.

For Details Visit: https://kdham.com/shop/


At Kaivalyadhama, we have a varied collection of more than 160 well-researched books and publications for general readers and academicians. These cover a wide range of topics on Yoga and related fields across English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Urdu, French, Portuguese, and Spanish languages. The publications are authored by our highly qualified and experienced subject matter experts.

For Details Visit: https://kdham.com/shop/


As the Central Coordination department Samanvay is responsible for administration, governance, and functioning of the Kaivalyadhama Trust. Under its aegis, Samanvay not only organises external training programs but also manages accounts and partnerships.

Kaivalya Vidya Niketan (KVN)

Kaivalya Vidya Niektan is a fully functional CBSE School inside the Kaivalyadhama campus nestled at the foothills. The school functions up to Grade 12, has a large playground, dedicated faculty and committed staff. The school was initially started with the objective to empower economically weaker sections of society.

For More Information About Our School Please Visit: https://kvn.edu.in

Agriculture and Plantations

The Kaivalyadhama Ashram has initiated many unique plantations inside the campus with water saving methods such as drip water irrigation. These include:

Vaastu & Harit Vanam: Organic chemical-free crops and food garden for select fruits, vegetables, and herbs, while retaining their nutrients, also used in our Mess.

Sacred Grove: Garden of indigenous plants including a unique seed bank for native flora and fauna

Aushadhi Vanam: Medicinal garden for traditional herbs used in treatments and therapies; and vermi-composting plant

Kamdhenu Vatika: Organic farming and special plantations for cattle, while conserving the soil

Gaushala and Dairy

Constructed in an area of 5,000 sq.ft., the Ashram’s cowshed accommodates 100 happy cattle that are fed and bred naturally. With 60 cows at present, we have a total milk production of 50 litres per day.


At Gurukul we take care of all the teaching requirements at Kaivalyadhama by way of first-hand Training, comprehensive Courses, and rigorous Workshops. These are conducted in both online and on-site formats.


Our technologically advanced yoga studio Prajna, is well-equipped for spreading yogic wisdom and wellbeing to the world through online platforms, in the comfort of your homes and offices. Prajna also looks after Kaivalyadhama’s virtual initiatives and social media platforms to connect and interact with audiences worldwide.

Yoga Education Fund (YEF)

The Yoga Education Fund and Outreach programs were launched in 2007 in the memory of Shri Rameshwar Prasad Nevetia with the aim to encourage awareness of Yoga among the youth. The fund inspires to globally spread the knowledge of Yogic science, philosophy, and practice.