The ANAND project

Holistic Care Centre for Cancer Survivors and Lifestyle conditions


As chronic diseases and cancer are on the rise, Kaivalyadhama has been undertaking path breaking research and offering programs to cure the same through Yoga and allied therapies. These programs need dedicated stay facilities for utmost effectiveness and we are receiving increased requests each day for participation in such programs. Thus there is an immediate need to expand the stay facilities for these programs and launch a dedicated centre for the same within Kaivalyadhama campus.



Project Anand is a 31,000 sq. feet stay and research infrastructure coming up with following key highlights


  • 30 large, spacious rooms with modern amenities
  • Two blocks for Cancer and Chronic Cures centre
  • Yoga Hall
  • Treatment rooms
  • Dining rooms and Kitchen
  • Large open spaces, Library etc

Our Plea

  • We request you to donate and be a part of this project with all your kindness.
  • Make impact on lives of 10,000 people each year, including some for whom Yoga initiated programs are the only answer
  • Many support options available for you to be part of this project

Your Benefits

  • Your act of kindness will be eligible for 100% tax exemption
  • It will be our privilege to offer Donor branding and Citations to recognize your support
  • Special gratitude stay packages from us for major donors for years to come

Small contributions x Multiple Hands = BIG CHANGE

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