Kaivalyadhama Ashram


The Publication department of Kaivalyadhama is known as Yoga Mimamsa. It was established in the same year as the Institute was 1924 and is located at Utpatti block of Kaivalyadhama. The department  has 150 publications in various categories of Yoga. It covers all aspect of yoga from Asanas, Pranayama, Yoga therapy, Meditation etc. This block also houses the visitor centre. 


Utpatti - The campus store

The in-campus store deals in books, apparels, organic products, yoga accessories, toiletries, equipments for cleansing (kriyas), acupuncture, etc.

These products are from some of the reputed brands in India like Khadi, Organic India, Patanjali-Divya Yoga, Cowpathy.


The “Gurukul” sub-department of the ashram conducts year round workshop on a wide range of subjects in yoga philosophy and others like meditation, sound therapy, pranayama. These workshops are aimed yoga practitioners as well as anybody who wish to deepen their subject knowledge and/or practice. 

yoga practice session

Kaivalya Vidya Niketan School

Kaivalya Vidya Niketan located in Kaivalyadhama Ashram is a Co-Educational Secondary School institution affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) since 2010. The school has been operating officially under the trust/society Kaivalya Dhama. Yoga Education, Sports Education, Computer Literacy, Personality development is an integral part of curriculum at Kaivalya Vidya Niketan.

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