COVID19 Relief Seva

An Appeal

At this difficult time, we at Kaivalyadhama institute are trying our best to support and cope up with the present circumstances. 

We are making our best effort to continue to support our 180 staff members who dedicatedly serve the institute. 

We also feel duty bound to extend our help to the front line, the Police, Medical Personnel and Local Administration. We have been serving them the “Ayurvedic Herbal Drink” since 21st March and will continue to do so.

We continue to take care of our students who are stranded. We continue to take care of our dairy, which has 50 cows. By supporting this, Kaivalyadhama is trying its best to provide sustainability with the people who are dependent and associated with the institute.

We are also contributing and helping by taking up the responsibility to provide ration and masks to the local tribal who stay close to the institute. This way we are trying to support and uplift local tribal people.

Your generous donations are welcome and appreciated to support and strengthen Kaivalyadhama activities.

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