Kaivalya Vidya Niketan

A School that has,

1) Born out of an urge to serve the society.
2) A dream of a sage Swami Kuvalyananda to satisfy the thirst of knowledge in the humblest homes.
3) Set up on the Tapo bhoomi of the visionary yoga leader, having served selflessly throughout his life.
4) Founded with the primary intention of service from the heart.

Presently we have 783 students being educated at the school


Pre Primary



















In these tough times of COVID-19, parents are finding it difficult to pay the fees for their children.
Your small help will brighten someone’s future.
Will you be that Helping Hand?

  • We guide and assist students so as to enroll themselves for the 25% free seats, under the provisions of the RTE Act (2009) as envisaged by the Government of India.
  • There has been a steady rise in these enrollments over the years and 100% enrollment is ensured under the RTE category.
  • A Support fund has been set up within which we encourage parents to donate on the occasions of children’s birthdays, in order to support the students falling under the ambit of EWS category.
  • Teachers contribute to this fund by raising money through various events like Balmela, and book fairs. This is fund is utilized for the stationery and uniforms to the needy ones.
  • The school has a system of Out-of-school donors who wish to help out the students in their need.
  • The school supports its staff at the times of dire needs in emergencies like hospitalization and other serious issues monetarily.
  • Audit reports all the donations are scrutinized and audited by a team of internal and external auditors duly certified by a C.A.
  • Donations received for the purpose are covered under 80 G of the IT Act and are exempt from taxes.

Sponsoring of fees for one economically weak student (for Year 2020-2021) – Rs. 21,000



Sponsoring books and stationery for one economically weak student/s (for 1 Year)

Rs. 5,000

Sponsoring uniform set for one economically weak student/s (for 1 Year)

Rs. 5,000

Contribute towards Common Fund for helping economically weak students with fee discounts.

Rs. 10,000

Sponsoring of fees for One economically weak student/s (for 1 Year)

Rs. 30,000

Donate to Kaivalyadhama

Your generosity means a lot to us!

For Indian Donors
For International donors

Tax Exemption for Indian donors – All donations under this account are 50% exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.