The five energies that  shape  your life; the Five Mahabhutas – A Workshop by Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati

Sankhya Philosophy talks of Five Gross Elements as the manifest stage of the power of Prakriti (Nature). It means all matter appears to consist out of these five and we have five senses and sense organs to perceive them. However the concept is universal, and not limited to just Yoga philosophy. The nitya2amixture of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space makes for the plurality of creation. Any mixture has one or the other of these energies dominant. This determines the specific features and qualities of the object. One or two of these Elements in their enormous breadth and variety dominates our constitution and influences our character, our tendencies our personal preferences, how we meet life, what talents and gifts we develop in life and what problems and illnesses we encounter.

Nov 30 – Dec 6: Five Energy Fields (First Week)

Sankhya, Kashmir Shaivism as well as Sri Vidya –  aspects of Indian Philosophy, extoll the concepts of the Mahabhutas, the Five Great Elements, which are the manifestations of the Divine Force/energy/Shakti.

We will look at the process of this manifestation, and further expand the awareness of these powers into other cultures. Then we will look at what the actual character of these energies is, so as to be able to discriminate between them. Knowing though that all existence is made of the Five, we also explore how they interrelate and express in the human body; which touches on Ayurveda as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. We will also try to “play” in practical ways with these energies.

Dec 7 – Dec 13: Five Energies Run your life, want to explore? (Second Week)

We will look at the human body and how the energies manifest in body and mind, forming our personalities. We will explore our own mixtures  of the FIVE; and learn how to balance  our personalities, lifestyles etc. In this second week, emphasis will be on how emotions are created and expressed by imbalances in these energies. How we relate to the world through these energies in our unique ways.. and how our spiritual path is connected to the unique mixture of these, that we are. To grow into peace, individually and as cultures/societies we need to create peace and balance amongst these forces.


Fees for the Workshop

(Residential Costs per week including all meals)

1. Single Occupancy (common bathroom) – Rs. 8500/- for one week, Rs. 17,000/- for two weeks

2. Double Occupancy (common bathroom for two persons) – Rs. 15,000/- for one week, Rs. 30,000/- for two weeks

3. Single Occupancy (attached bathroom) – Rs. 10,500/- for one week, Rs. 21,000/- for two weeks

4. Double Occupancy (attached bathroom for two persons) – Rs. 18,000/- for one week, Rs. 36,000/- for two weeks

5. Single Executive – Rs. 11,500/- for one week, Rs. 23,000/- for two weeks

6. Single Executive (AC) – Rs. 13,500/- for one week, Rs. 27,000/- for two weeks

7. Double Executive – Rs. 19,000/- for one week, Rs. 38,000/- for two weeks

8. Double Executive (AC) – Rs. 21,000/- for one week, Rs. 42,000/- for two weeks

9. Single Deluxe – Rs. 16,000/- for one week, Rs. 32,000/- for two weeks

10. Single Deluxe (AC) – Rs. 18,000/- for one week, Rs. 36,000/- for two weeks

11. Double Deluxe – Rs. 24,000/- for one week, Rs. 48,000/- for two weeks

12. Double Deluxe (AC) – Rs. 26,000/- for one week, Rs. 52,000/- for two weeks

13. Cottage:
For 3 persons – Rs. 39,000/- for one week, Rs. 78,000/- for two weeks
For 3 person  (AC) – Rs. 43,000/- for one week, Rs. 86,000/- for two weeks
For 4 persons – Rs. 47,500/- for one week, Rs. 95,000/- for two weeks
For 4 persons (AC) – Rs. 51,500/- for one week, Rs. 1,03,000/- for two weeks

For Registration and other information, please contact: care@kdham.com