(This course is organised in collaboration with the Physical Education Department S.N.D.T. University)

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Orientation course in Physical Education & Yoga for PET’s is aimed to upgrade their knowledge in physical education and additional knowledge of yoga.  This course will help to develop methodologies for incorporating physical education and yoga to make teaching learning a total experience and also to provide skills and training in creative expressions by integrating physical education and yoga.

  1. Learn the basics of physical education and yoga philosophy, its practices from traditional texts.
  2. Learn about human anatomy and physiology.
  3. Learn about Mental Health and sport psychology
  4. Physical Fitness, sports training skills
  5. Allied Fitness Activities
  6. Teaching Methodology for imparting Physical Education and Yoga to school students.
  • 17 Hrs of Theory
  • 28 Hrs of Yoga Practical’s
  • 08 Hrs of Physical Education Training
  • 09 Hrs. of assignments or Project

DURATION – 10 Days

DATE –  May 13 – 20, 2019 and May 27 to June 05

ELIGIBILITY – In service physical education teachers

COURSE FEE – Rs. 11,000

Module – I  
Yoga philosophy and its practices from traditional texts Body

Sub Topics:

  • Schools of Yoga
  • Essence of Patanjala Yoga Sutra
  • Essence of Hatha Yoga

Module – II
Human anatomy and physiology

Sub Topics:

  • Neuro-endocrine mechanism
  • Neuro-muscular mechanism.
  • Cortico-limbic balance
  • Kriya, Asana, Pranayama- Scientific view

Module – III
Mental Health and Sport Psychology

Sub Topics:

  • Tackling Frustrations through yogic ways and means
  • Emotional management in preparatory phase of a sports event
  • Post event recuperative strategies in yoga
  • Maintaining emotional stability through yoga during the sports event

Module – IV
Physical and Allied Fitness Activities, sports training skills

Sub Topics:

  • Aerobics Fitness Training
  • Rope Mallkhamb Training
  • Gymn Training Skills
  • Self Defense Training
  • Adventure Activities

Module – V
Teaching Methods and Yoga Practicals

Sub Topics:

  • Yogic Principles, Class Management, Lesson Plan
  • Shuddhi Kriya, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation
  • Relationship of Yoga Education and Physical Education