Dr. Vartika Dubey teaches a yoga class in the KaivalyaDham tradition.

Dr. Vartika Dubey
Master Teacher

Vartika Dubey is daughter of the Pranayama and Yoga Master, Sh. Om Prakash Tiwari and student of Swami Digamberji. Dr. Vartika Dubey was born into a lineage of Yoga masters. She has been teaching Yoga for 25 + years.


Marcia Vaitsman
Yoga Teacher

This video was created by Marcia Vaitsman for KaivalyaDhama.
Marcia Vaitsman is a contemporary artist from Brazil based in the metro New York area, researching games, video, feminism and multiculturalism. She became a yoga instructor last year at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute USA.