Meditation: The Art of Calming the Mind

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Yoga Vasishtha defines Yoga as,

“Manoprashamanopayah yogoityabhidhiyate”

The means of calming down the mind is known as Yoga

Mind, remains perhaps the most enigmatic phenomenon-unfathomable, perennially edgy, uniquely elusive, least researched and understood, most talked about and yet most relevant.

Yogic and Modern Perspectives of Dynamics of Mind

The cartesian theory says that volitional acts of the body are the cause of the volitional acts of the mind. This Mind-body dualism of Rene Descartes has been summarily rejected by Ryle (1949), who thought that there may not necessarily be any reasoning and complex intellectual operations involved behind a skillful act. Ryle further asserts that the working of the mind may be better conceptualized as the action of the body which might pertain to propensities and dispositions.

Meditation the Art of Calming the Mind

The Citta Concept of Yoga fits well with the Rylean concept of Mind (BG: II: 62, 63). Citta is considered as a storehouse of all Samskaras i.e. enduring deep-rooted impressions which are known to moderate our thoughts, actions and behavioral patterns that, in turn, have implications for our future well-being. Thus, both Rylean and Yogic views advocate moderating the dynamics of mind, towards human wellness & well-being.

Mind According to Kathopanishad

Kathopanishad conceives the human body as a chariot with its five horses likened to the five senses; the reign, tied to the horses, as mind, as well as, the operator of the chariot as buddhi (intellect) and the owner of the chariot as the Atman (soul). Thus, the mind is considered as the medium for operating all human activities.

How Yoga Pre-empts and Treats Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Disorders? 

By doing practices like ABHYASA, VAIRAGYA, AMURTA BHAVA

Outline of the Workshop

Dr. R. S. Bhogal
Joint Dir. Research

About the Facilitator

Dr. R. S. Bhogal is Joint Dir. Research at Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, with more than thirty years of research and teaching experience. Formerly, Principal of Yoga College of Kaivalyadhama (Lonavla), he is Editor-in-Chief of Yoga Mimamsa (a biennial scientific Journal) of Kaivalyadhama, and is author of seven books, including

i) Psycho-physiology of Traditional Yoga (in Korean)

ii) Yoga and Modern Psychology (in English and German)

iii) Yoga and Mental Health and Beyond (in English, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese & Korean)

iv) Yoga-Psychology & Beyond (English)

Dr. Bhogal is credited with a large number of scientific papers and is a recipient of many National & International awards and accolades. Widely travelled for spreading the message of classical meditation in many cities across Asia, America and Europe, he is a meditation expert sympathetic and ready-to-help disposition.

7th April 2023
  • Theory
  • Practical / Meditation
  • Q and A
8th April 2023
  • Theory
  • Practical / Meditation
  • Q and A
9th April 2023
  • Theory
  • Practical / Meditation
  • Q and A


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