Yoga Education Fund

Kaivalyadhama was founded in 1917 by Swami Kuvalyananda and established in 1924 at Lonavla, to educate common man in the field of yoga and to promote scientific yoga, so that various health related problems be attended and healed.

Yoga Education Fund (YEF) has been created in 2007 in the memory of Shri Rameshwar Prasad Nevatia and is administered and managed by Kaivalyadhama Ashram to pursue the goals.

Vision & Mission

  • Educate common man in India and abroad on what Yoga means by sharing preached and practiced Yoga knowledge.
  • Hold classes, seminars and workshops for the willing Yoga students and consider granting scholarship for various yogic activities.
  • Professionally published scientific and traditional yogic teachings through books, periodicals, CDs. films and other media means.