Kriya Yoga Meditation


What is Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga techniques are nothing but simplified meditation techniques, evolved by the ancient sages. These techniques are particularly helpful for those not having a native interest & orientation towards meditation but still wish to avail its benefits.

From executives to businessmen and housewives to students we all have to be psycho-physiologically fit to execute our tasks with ease, efficiency and effectiveness Kriya Yoga is one of the easiest techniques ever developed which is most practicable and beneficial even for beginners to be able to exercise a positive and inspiring influence on self and people around them.


Researches and clinical evidences amply prove the efficacy of Kriya Yoga in managing and helping insomnia, migraine, tension headache, body ache, hypertension, diabetes anxiety and many other Emotional Disorders.

An enhanced physical and mental stamina, a deep sense of contentment within and an equanimity amidst all odds around are some of the often reported benefits of Kriya Yoga.

Session Flow

1) Understand Kriya Yoga Meditation

        Concept, Practice: Theoretical bases and its relevance to Executive Effectiveness.

2) Learn Kriya Yoga Practices and Techniques Like

  1. Simple Meditative Eye Closure Technique for Serene Awareness.
  2. Breathing Awareness Technique for a sense of wellbeing and stress busting.
  3. Sense Pratyahara Technique to provide respite to the mind from constant clogging of thought, worries, and effects of frustrations.
  4. Life Holistic Meditation for continuous awareness of body.

3) Q & A

Program Facilitator

Prof. R. S. Bhogal is Joint Dir. Research at Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala, with more than thirty years of research and teaching experience. Formerly, Principal of Yoga College of Kaivalyadhama (Lonavla), he is Editor-in-Chief of Yoga Mimamsa (a biennial scientific Journal) of Kaivalyadhama, and is author of seven books, including
i) Psycho-physiology of Traditional Yoga (in Korean)
ii) Yoga and Modern Psychology (in English and German)
iii) Yoga and Mental Health and Beyond (in English, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese & Korean)
iv) Yoga-Psychology & Beyond (English).
Prof. Bhogal is credited with a large number of scientific papers and is a recipient of many National & International awards and accolades. Widely travelled for spreading the message of classical meditation in many cities across Asia, America and Europe, he is meditation expert of International repute.

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Prof. R. S. Bhogal



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Rs. 510 per person

Date and Timings

Date: 5 December 2020, Saturday
Time: 5.30 pm IST
Duration: 90 Minutes


Note: A lighter stomach without having heavy breakfast and a quieter environment, where you will you will be able to spend 90 mins of your time without too much disturbance or distraction, is favourable for getting the optimum benefit out of the session.