The Inner Silence


‘Silence’ is defined as the “complete absence of sound”, so inner silence can be interpreted as ‘the complete absence of inner sound’.

But there is no absolute silence, the universe is humming, the body is humming and the brain is humming the loudest! “The inner silence is a myth; reality of stillness lies in chaos”

So it is in understanding this chaos and overcoming it, we can find our balance. Let’s find stillness in that chaos, so that we don’t react, but respond.

Join us for an interactive session, revolved around conversations, discussions, meditations and self-counseling, where we may discuss, meditate and create a more functional outlook to the state of silence thereby finding balance.

Key Benefits

  • Understanding traditional text and its application in balance
  • Reduced chaos
  • Increased clarity and focus
  • Improved patience and compassion 
  • Simplified mindset 
  • Enhanced morale and creativity
  • Reduce irritation and aggression
  • Increased productivity and performance

Key Takeaways

  • About ‘YOU’ – Your questions discussed together in conversations 
  • Understand consciousness and super consciousness
  • Powerful meditations sessions
  • Self-counselling in “Nidra” state of mind 
  • 2x Breathing patterns


Program Facilitator

Mr. Prameet Kotak is a wellness coach with over 25 years of global experience servicing corporates, sports teams, athletes and leaders. He is a certified in Yoga teaching from Kaivalyadhama and is also a qualified life coach, yoga & meditation instructor, karateka and an energy transference facilitator. Besides coaching & training, Prameet is also a successful business owner who aspires to partner with 100 organizations around the world by the year 2030 who share values of building healthy and happy individuals and communities.

Mr. Prameet Kotak



Zoom app downloaded on your tab, smartphone or PC / Laptop with internet connection.


Rs. 510 per person

Date and Timings

Date: 30th January 2021, Saturday
Time: 5.30 pm IST
Duration: 90 Minutes