The Yoga of Prosperity


A journey towards living a life of prosperous simplicity

What is that ONE thing keeping you from…
..getting what you deserve?
..reaching your goals despite your best efforts?
..living your life to the fullest?

The Yoga Of Prosperity program can give you a starting point to simple prosperity!

Through a series of thought-provoking discussions, self-reflection and yoga practices, this program aims to give you a blueprint to integrate ‘spirituality’ with ‘prosperity’. Just like the Yogasutras act as guidelines on how you can live a meaningful and purposeful life, The Yoga of Prosperity will teach you to cultivate and harness the three superpowers that every individual has at their disposal – Meditation, Intuition, and Visualization.

Through the practices and principles, this program will help you identify and define your ‘purpose’ and implement new habits towards leading a more meaningful, prosperous and content life.

Program Structure

Duration of Program: Seven Yoginars (Virtual engagement sessions 75-90 minutes each)

Day: Every Saturday, over a 40 day period

Dates: 16th, 23rd, 30th Jan &  6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Feb 2021

Time: 4.30 pm IST

Right Being Actionable: A daily 15 min right being actionable which you will be accountable to complete. Look in the mirror – reflect and act!

Access to Community: Reap the benefits of a tribe on a closed Facebook network! We are on this journey together!


Program Facilitators

Shri. Clint Misquitta
‘Being Still, Moving Others’

Shri. Clint Misquitta is the Head of learning and development at Edelwiess Tokio Life Insurance Ltd. He has a post graduate degree in Human Resources apart from being an ICF Certified coach. Clint’s IKIGAI is centered around wisdom, speech and music. He has authored the book titled ‘Ruthless Dictators‘, which was exhibited at the German Book Festival and is also part of a band called ‘Soul in Music’.

Clint is passionate about reading, writing, fitness and above all being a better human being. Despite his several achievements he is an extremely humble person who is respectful of his roots. He has travelled the world and is enthusiastic about empowering lives of youth to power a better today!

Shri. Clint Misquitta

Shri. Amit Mahalle

Shri. Amit envisions the middle path where Spirituality & Prosperity meets. He teaches that making prosperity the conscious way is the only way to make real and lasting prosperity. He will guide you to choose to build a prosperity with solid foundations that not only teaches you the way that is uniquely right for you, but also one that is fluid enough to grow with your expansion.

He was not aware of what he was doing when he became Chartered Accountant, he further continued this unconscious journey while doing master’s in actuarial science and Business Leadership at IIM Indore. While he got sick and tired of living the life decided by others & chasing the goals set by society, he found the calling in spiritual search which has immersed him in the teachings of Gurdjieff, Buddhism and Indian Mysticism.

Shri. Amit Mahalle


Begin the Journey

  • By enrolling in this program for special first-time introductory fee of INR 5000 only
  • If you still have questions, just attend the first Yoginar for INR 100 and then decide for yourself if you want to continue rest of the program. This will help you align with the program principles before you take flight!



Zoom app downloaded on your tab, smartphone or PC / Laptop with internet connection.


Look In
Rs. 100

Entire Program
Rs. 5,000

Date and Timings

Dates: 16th, 23rd, 30th Jan &  6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Feb 2021

Time: 4.30 pm IST

Duration: 75-90 Minutes

Entire Program

Rs. 5,000