Emotional Healing with Yoga

Facilitator: Ms. Renu Jain

Medium of Communication: English 

Day: Sunday

Duration of Program: 2 days (on Sundays), 2.30 hours session (with 15 minutes of break ) 

Dates: 10th and 17th Jan 2021 

Time: 16:30 to 19:00 pm (Indian time; +5:30 hrs GMT) 

Fees: 2,100/- INR

Medium: Online Class (Zoom meeting)

Why this Workshop?

Many circumstances arising due to challenging relationships, loss of a job, sickness, losing a loved one, financial difficulties etc. lead us to experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness or simply overwhelm us. Emotional healing is the ability to acknowledge such events in our lives that stop us from moving forward. It is a process, wherein we can take control of our thoughts, feelings and emotions and provide a fresh outlook to our life.


Yoga is known to help identify, accept and manage such emotions through various practices and techniques. The yogic blueprint for emotional healing is simple but the process requires time and commitment. Emotional healing with Yoga can offer results like;

  • Look back and accept the past
  • Develop an understanding that – “this time will pass”
  • Start feeling happy again
  • Enjoy and appreciate the little things in life
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Start stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Developing sense of calmness and improved quality of health
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Start feeling grateful
  • A fresh and positive outlook towards life

Everyone has a different story and a journey, but we are all fully capable of healing ourselves with Yoga.

Key Topics:

1. Understating emotions and its types

  • Difference between emotions & feelings
  • Moods affected by different emotions
  • Identifying the intensity of emotions

2. Effects of various emotions

  • Impact on health and well being
  • Scientific view
  • Positive effects of emotions

3. Identifying and accepting causes and triggers of various emotions
4. Understanding your reactions and signs of emotional disturbance
5. Learning to manage and replace negative emotions through

  • Yogic practices like Chanting, Relaxation, Pranayama, Trataka etc.
  • Attitude change and development

6. Building self-esteem and confidence
7. Restoring your glory

About the Facilitator:

Facilitator Ms. Renu Jain is a certified Yoga professional from Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, India, and an example of a person who has won over emotional triggered health complexities by adopting Yoga based lifestyle. Her teaching methodology is simple, direct, participative, result oriented and based on the Mind-Body connect philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. Other than teaching Yoga, she is an avid badminton player and is helping various people lead a joyous life with Yogic practices.

Ms. Renu Jain

10th and 17th Jan 2021 (Sunday)

16:30 to 17:30

Key topic of the workshop

17:30 to 17:45


17:45 to 18:45


18:45 to 19:00

Question and answer and concluding remark

Recordings will be provided for duration of 7 days, post-workshop.
Please be mindful that we are sharing the recording/s in a good faith to support you in your practices or study. Please honour its intellectual property rights by not downloading it on your device or forward it to any other person.

Participation Certificate: At the end of the workshop you will get a certification of participation. Please register with the name you would like to receive a certificate with. 



Zoom app downloaded on your tab, smartphone or PC / Laptop with internet connection.


Rs. 2,100/- INR

Date and Timings

Date: 10th and 17th Jan 2021 

Time: 16:30 to 19:00 pm (Indian time; +5:30 hrs GMT) 

Please pay and book your spot through the link above. We will send you email instructions with credentials post registration.

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