Yoga Is The Grammar Of Spirituality

Facilitator - Prof. R.K Bodhe

19th & 20th June 2020 | 4.30 pm to 7.15 pm IST

About the Workshop:

  • Yoga is not just a form of spirituality but it is a grammar of spirituality. The yogic practices are universal in nature. Yoga systematically deals with purificatory processes pertaining all aspects of human personality viz. physical – physiological, moral-behavioral, cognitive -spiritual etc.  that are deemed to be necessary by all forms of religions and spirituality across the world, transcending cultural limits in order to realize the goals of religion and spirituality, be they of the forms of “union with God” or “self -realization”.

  • Every religion has yogic sadhana inherent in it. This does not mean that these religions have borrowed their sadhana from Yoga (Yoga being the ancient most sadhana that has survived till date). The preparatory sadhana aspects of every religion and Yogic sadhana. A study in similarity goes to justify the claim that if one studies and practices Yoga one will be in a better position to understand and practice one’s religion in a much deeper and committed way.

  • Similarly on the contrary the study of any religion enriches one’s understanding of Yoga. And this is what Yoga Sadhana is said to purport.

DAY 1: Yoga & Hesychasm

Towards such understanding, we are undertaking a study in similarities between Yoga and Hesychasm – a Christian Path of Transcendence.

Hesychasm: A Christian Path of Transcendence – Understanding of Christian Experience through Yogic Sadhana Terminology.

A study will be undertaken with the following sub-topics:

  • A brief introduction.
  • Outer and Inner practices leading towards Hesychasm or theosis-union with God through a Metanoia (transformation- parinamas) of Nous- prajna or ritambharaprajna.
  • Experiences Associated with Hesychastic practices
  • Pitfalls Along the Path (antarayas -obstacles).

While delineating above the parallels/similarities from Patanjali Yoga Sutra and at times from Hathapradipika will be discussed.

DAY 2: Yoga & Buddhism

Yoga and the doctrine of Four Noble Truths (Arya Satyas) of Lord Buddha – a comparative study in similarities.

  • This study in similarities can be viewed as another endeavour towards the substantiation of the theme that Yoga is more a grammar or spirituality than a form of spirituality. In Buddhism these concerns form the content of its famous Doctrine of Four Noble Truths. In P.Y.S, this finds its parallel in and through the Four Fold scheme – Heya (that which is to be overcome), Heyahetu (cause of heya), Hana (cessation) and Hanopaya (means of cessation), (P.Y.S II/16, 17, 25 and 26).
  • The deliberations by these two traditions reveal points of similarities that not only serve towards the deeper insight into each tradition but also highlights the universal nature of Yogic Sadhana – a feature substantiating that Yoga, being universal in nature, deserves to be a grammar of spirituality and religion.

About Facilitator  –

  • Prof. R.K Bodhe is M.A (Philosophy&Sanskrit), M.Phil, worked as Research Officer, Philosophical-Literary Research Dept, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala, for 30 years.

  • Prof. Bodhe has authored several research papers in Traditional Yoga & co-authored several Volumes. He is also working as the Associate Editor of Yoga Mimamsa.

  • His areas of interest include Yoga Philosophy, applied aspects of Traditional Yoga, Value education, and Philosophical bases of esoteric sciences.

Prof. R.K Bodhe


Day 1 

4.30 to 5.30 pm – Lecture on Yoga & Hesychasm

5.30 to 5.45 pm – Break

5.45 to 6.45 pm – Lecture (continues)

6.45 to 7.15 pm – Q&A

Day 2

4.30 to 5.30 pm – Lecture on Yoga & Buddhism

5.30 to 5.45 pm – Break

5.45 to 6.45 pm – Lecture (continues)

6.45 to 7.15 pm – Q&A



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Date and Timings

19th & 20th June 2020
4.30 pm to 7.15 pm IST

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