Full Moon Gazing Retreat: Recalibrating The Emotions

An extensive 4 Day residential workshop organized at VSHR,
California (USA) by Kaivalyadhama

by Ms. Renu Jain 
4th to 7th May 2023 
(Check-in: 4th May
Check-out: 7th May)

This Heart Opening and Wellness Retreat is designed for those seeking a deeper connection to their interior life while awakening to the language of their body’s life-force. Visiting Master Teacher, Renu Jain, will bring a wealth of knowledge on balancing emotions and relationship. Her aim is to offer an opportunity to move from the stress of this modern era into the Joy that the yogic practices can promise. Our staff teacher, Kristin English, will weave in her dedication and love of the natural world and the powerful medicine that lies under each of our feet. This Full Moon Retreat will penetrate your physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers. It will combine Lectures as well as sessions of Breathing, Meditation, Gentle Yoga Asana, deep Restorative Movement, Forest Bathing and Moon Rise gazing.

To find balance in the life, first we must understand the origin of our stresses. Our modern sedentary lifestyle, coupled with unhealthy mental and emotional patterns cause us to disconnect from the core of who we are and our purpose here on Earth. This has a daily effect on our body’s electromagnetic field, leading to poor quality of health, dysfunctional relationships, and the epidemic of dis-ease we face collectively now. Through skillful lectures and practices both teachers will help to excavate this human situation. By using mindful movement, meditation, and other self-awareness practices we learn to establish emotional balance, clarity and peace. Both of your guides combine years of experience in the Yogic Sciences and look forward to supporting and guiding you into your – SELF. We look forward to reminding you of the call of your own heart’s desire as you embark on a long weekend of Play and Relaxation together in Nature.

All Inclusive

  • 4 days/3 nights accommodation (Thursday to Sunday) 9 vegetarian meals.
  • Daily morning Pranayam/Yoga/Meditation classes (all-level classes).
  • Emotional Recalibration: Ms. Renu Jain will provide insightful and informative talks for understanding and balancing the emotions from the ancient sciences of Yoga.
  • Yoga for the Koshas Workshop: Kristin will guide you through a 3hr restorative yoga workshop bringing you experiential knowledge of the important Ancient Yogic teaching of the Koshas or layers of your being. This workshop is designed to help you understand and balance your relationship of the physical body to the more subtle, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual experiences, of your day-to-day life.
  • Soak in our jacuzzi tub.
  • Forest Bathing Excursion: A powerfully healing practice to calibrate oneself in nature. Through silence and new attention, you are guided to take a deep pause to enter nature in a whole new dimension. We travel to the (Sequoia) Trail of 100 Giants or on our own majestic (Oak Woodland) property (location varies seasonally).
  • Tratak: practice different layers of “gazing” – into fire, at the moon and with each other.
  • Soundbathing: Sound waves, or frequencies, are a deeply relaxing and therapeutic medicine for the mind, body and energy. Experience an evening soundbath combining crystal singing bowls with various other instruments for a deeply rejuvenating experience.
  • Long mindful walks through the oaks and rolling hills.

Meet The Teachers

renu jain

Ms. Renu Jain

The program will be facilitated by Ms. Renu Jain who is a certified yoga professional from Kaivalyadhama and a Masters in Yogashastra. She has encountered Auto immune diseases and is managing the same with the support of a Yoga based lifestyle. Her teaching methodology is simple, direct, participative, result oriented and based on the mind-body connect philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. She has represented Kaivalyadhama on different forums and has conducted several workshops to help patients manage auto immune disorders with Yoga.

Kristin English

Conscious Movement Therapy: Kristin aims to be “In Service of Life”, the process of transformation, and loves being a guide for anyone on the path of enriching, healing or deepening the mind body experience. Her techniques for sharing the importance of movement, breath and developing presence with an understanding of the science and philosophy supporting each, is accessible for all body’s and mind’s. Her teachings are infused with a deeper knowledge and mindfulness born of her decades of devotion to the life-style and study of Yoga, Natural Movement, Biomechanics and Vipassana meditation. 

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