Mastery of the Mind: A Life of Excellence

(Indian Philosophical Perspective)

An extensive 4 Day residential workshop
Organized by Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat in association
with Kaivalyadhama

by Dr. N. Ganesh Rao
27th to 30th October 2023
Location: Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat, California (USA)

Vedanta is very excited to share the integral work of Dr. N. Ganesh Rao. He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy and is a Professor and Ph. D. Guide in the Yogic Sciences. He lectures around the
globe, educating other enthusiasts and students on the deep philosophical and psychological roots of these ancient Sciences of Yoga.

In this weekend retreat Dr. Rao will deliver a deep dive into the many layers of mind. Never was there a time on our planet where the health of the human mind, body and emotions have been so challenged. To know the myriad of healing benefits contained within the Holistic System of Yoga one must truly understanding the subtleties of the human mind.

The ancient seers of India, called Rishi’s, discovered the micro workings of the human mind within their Yoga practices in deep meditation. They discovered such depth that modern science and psychology are continually uncovering many of these truths even today; the laws of nature, the laws of Karma, the effect of Samskaras, or deep-rooted habit patterns that underlie much of human addiction and suffering. This workshop will tackle this tall subject delivering an understanding of Indian Psychology through the brilliance of the 5000-year-old system of Indian Philosophy.

In this workshop you will enjoy daily; world class lectures, traditional yoga practices and yoga nidra, delicious vegetarian meals as well as time to explore the beautiful nature of the Sierra Nevada in Fall

Total Engagement of 5 1/2 hours per day

A “Micro-Mind-Management” Workshop

In This workshop You Will Begin To Understand

  • The details of the mental contents at the Micro Level – Origin, Elements, Nature / Characteristics, Contents, Functions, Strengths & Weaknesses of Mind.
  • Indian Psychology vis-à-vis Indian Philosophy
  • Mind vs Body, Mind vs Breathing, Mind vs Energy, Mind vs Consciousness, Mind vs Awareness, Mind vs Society, Mind vs Meditation, Mind vs Spiritual Evolution.
  • The Laws of Karma, Samskaras & Conditioning of Mind; Breaking-free from Samskaras.
  • Mental Health Issues – Cognitive, Emotional & Behavioral, Neurosis & Psychosis.
  • Stress – its Cause, Prevention & Management.
  • Micro-Mind-Management-techniques.
  • Mind – the Magic or Mind – the Mess; the Buddhu or the Buddhiman or the Buddha!
  • Counselling Tips; Dos & Don’ts.
  • And more

Who Can Attend And Benefit?

  • Any individual who sincerely wants to Master their Mind, by understanding the workings of the Mind, and as a consequence learn to Be Happy.
  • Mental Health Professionals – Counsellors, Coaches, Mentors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, etc.
  • Yoga Teachers, Practitioners and Enthusiasts.
  • Individuals who aspire to achieve their ambitions and aspirations – Empirical and Spiritual.
  • Students of Indian Philosophy & Psychology.

Total: 5.5 hours per day, totaling 12 hours.

Typical Daily Program

Classical Yoga Practice45 min
Lectures & Discussions240 min / 3.5 hours
Yoga Nidra30 min
Q/A Session45 min
Total5.5 hours

About the Facilitator

Dr. N. Ganesh Rao, Chief Advisor – Academics & Training, Kaivalyadhama, with a Doctorate in Philosophy, is a Professor and Ph. D. Guide in Yoga and Philosophy. His never-ending fascination for Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (PYS) makes him a constant learner and admirer of PYS. Dr. Rao has presented several Papers and written innumerable articles on various facets of PYS. He has shared his in-depth understanding in more than 1500 teaching hours of PYS till date.

Dr. Rao is Director (IYA), Technical Expert (Yoga) for QCI & YCB, an Advisor to and Member of Board of Studies of Kaivalyadhama, a Member of Board of Studies of Sri Sri University, Bhubaneshwar, a Visiting Faculty in K. J. Somaiya University, Mumbai University, Kaivalyadhama (Mumbai and Lonavala), Sri Sri University (Bhubaneshwar), College of Defense Management (Secunderabad), Art of Living, Yoga alliance (USA),….

For further details please visit his website www.ganeshraoyoga.com


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