Meditation Workshop

(Advanced Level)

by Prof R S Bhogal
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Meditational techniques, selected for this workshop, use the traditionally tested Yogic tenets, drawn from the ancient texts – Patanjala Yoga Sutra, Hatha Pradipika, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Simha Samhita, as well as, from Buddhist and other Traditions, alive to this date. 

A simple to complex ways of achieving meditative states, with the help of simple, terse and experiential instructions, given in a guided manner, along with a constant practical guidance for participants, is among the salient features of the workshop.

Advance Meditation Workshops, Advance Meditation Courses

Techniques and Practices to be taught

To prepare oneself for meditative experiences through subtler yoga practices

Theoretical understanding that is directly relevant to Practical Meditation like:

  • Eye Closure techniques
  • Various Breath
  • Awareness techniques
  • Mind Awareness technique
  • Intellect Awareness technique
  • Ego Awareness technique
  • Selected Mantras
  • Shuddhi Kriyas
  • Mudras
  • Bandhas
  • Pratyahara techniques
  • Samapattis etc. with their practical understanding & actual practice.

The Practices that lead the participants into the state of Meditation

  • Kriya Yoga techniques
  • Sagarbha Pranayama
  • Chakra Awareness techniques (along with varna, lok, tatva, bija mantra, jnanendriya),
  • Lakshya Traya (three targets)
  • Selected Adharas
    (from Shodas Adharas), Panch-vidh Dharana

Practices that actually help move into the process & state of Yoga Meditation

  • Practical aspects of Nada Bindu, Kala, Pratyaya-Dharana-Dhyana-Samadhi.

  • Practical precautions to avoid difficulties in actual practice process will also be communicated for a continued, regular and smooth practice..


To be eligible for the advanced meditation workshop, one should have attended any of the previous workshops by Prof Bhogal. 

How will the advanced level help participants?

It will help:

  • To let the meditation happen, in a sure & certain way, every time one practices it.
  • To have and maintain the calm & composed disposition, the whole day round.
  •  To discover and solve your day today problems in a most effortless & objective ways.
  • To gain/enhance patience and non reactive stance, in trying situations of life & living.
  • To achieve the self-healing proficiency over one’s own nagging psycho-physiological problems (hypertension, asthma, diabetes, insomnia, migraine, tension headache, body ache, certain skin disorders through “Comprehensive Relaxation” resulting from a ‘Comprehensive & subtler Abstract Awareness.’
  • To enhance our Objective Self-Perception, thus gearing ourselves, in turn, to tackle psychogenic disorders, efficiently.
  • To help experience one’s own existential happiness & bliss, any time at will.
  • To understand the spiritual healing phenomenon with practical & safe guidance towards the healing proficiency, along with practical precautions.

(The teacher reserves his right to select the number and level of practices, as well as, sequence of practices and the intensity of practices, as per his perception of the need of the given participating group. )

“Yoga Meditation (Dhyana) is the process of conscious, subtler comprehension of an object, culminating into a total psycho-physiological integration & transcendence”.


Workshop Fees – Rs. 12000/-
(exclusive of room and meals)

Single rooms with meals:

Standard Room with community bath (Rs. 8,000 per week)
Standard Room with attached bath (Rs. 11,600 per week)
Executive Room (Non-AC) – Rs. 12,800
Executive Room (AC) – Rs. 15,000 + taxes
Deluxe Room – Non-AC (Rs. 19,400 per week + taxes)
Deluxe Room – AC (Rs. 21,600 per week + taxes)

Double/Twin-sharing rooms with meals:

Standard Room with community bath (Rs. 13,200 per week)
Standard Room with attached bath (Rs. 17,000 per week)
Executive Room (Non-AC) – Rs. 18,200
Executive Room (AC) – Rs. 20,400 + taxes
Deluxe Room – Non-AC (Rs. 25,400 per week + taxes)
Deluxe Room – AC (Rs. 27,600 per week + taxes)

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Workshop Teaching fees – NO REFUND (Transferrable to another workshop within six months)

Accommodation and meals

  • Cancellation application before 7 days  – refund of 75% of the amount paid. 
  • Cancellation application less than 7 days – no refund.
  • Please email cancellation requests to booking@kdham.com. Verbal cancellation requests are not accepted.