Manage Auto Immune Disorders with Yoga

Befriend your body and bring back the joy of living

An extensive 7 Day residential workshop organized at VSHR,
California (USA) by Kaivalyadhama

by Ms. Renu Jain
20th to 26th April 2023
(Check-in: 20th April 2023
Check-out: 26th April 2023)

Auto immune disorders are nothing but the war within us, where the body is literally attacking itself. Studies, research and experience have shown that Yoga can help manage such disorders at a physical, mental and emotional level. A lifestyle change backed by right yoga practices, diet and managing the mind can make significant positive impact on those suffering from Rheumatic Arthritis, Thyroid, Lupus, Alopecia, IBD, Type 1 Diabetes, Psoriasis and other auto immune disorders.

Several participants have reported marked improvement in their health conditions and vastly benefitted from the techniques and practices taught at this workshop. The workshop is conducted by an experienced Yoga teacher from Kaivalyadham India who has herself encountered and successfully managed auto immune disorders like Rheumatic Arthritis, Alopecia etc.

Benefits of the Workshop

  • Improvement in your energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing
  • Increased muscle strength and endurance
  • Better flexibility and mobility in joints
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Increased focus, body awareness and mindfulness
  • Developing sense of calmness and improved quality of health
  • A fresh and positive outlook towards life

Key Inclusions of the Workshop

All Vegetarian meals and stay for 6 nights/5 Days

Meditation, Relaxation and Yoganidra

Personal interaction and counselling

Asanas and Pranayamas

Diet, sleep and stress management

Fire side chats and introspection

Key Topics

The entire workshop is designed to understand the impact of lifestyle on Auto immune disorders. Using Yoga as therapy we can help make positive changes to improve the underlining health conditions.

You will learn techniques and implement them during the course of ten days. Regular and sustained practice will result in desired benefits and outcome in the long run.

The individual counselling sessions during the workshop will enable personal interaction with the facilitator for a personalized experience.

  • Understanding Auto Immune Disorders
  • Why does body get into self-destruction mode?
  • Yoga as a therapy to manage and improve the disorders
  • Impact of sleep on disorders
  • Importance of yogic diet
  • Role of stress and its effect
  • Developing a positive outlook towards life
  • Learn and practice specific Asana for such disorders
  • Revitalize your energies through traditional pranayama techniques
  • Mantra chanting and its benefits
  • The Ayurveda view – Imbalance of Tridoshas
  • Role of emotions and thoughts
  • Relaxing, controlling and healing the mind through different practices
  • Making changes in diet and food plan
  • Learning about the natural Body clock and working with synchronization
  • Sleep management
  • Managing aches and pains
  • Becoming aware of the triggers which aggravate conditions
  • Oil massages and its benefits
  • Yoganidra – The Yogic Sleep
  • Managing fears and anxiety
  • Befriend Your Body – develop attitude of gratitude

Who can participate in the Workshop?

This workshop is curated specially for people who are suffering from auto-immune or any other psycho-somatic or stress-related conditions.

Dates: 20th April 2023 check in and 26th April 2023 Check out
VSHR, California, USA
Duration: Six night and Seven days
Medium of Instruction: English

Day One
2 pm to 4 pmCheck in and room allocation
2.30 pm to 5.30 pmPersonal interaction and doctor’s meet
6.00 pmOrientation Session
7.00 pm to 8.00 pmDinner
Day Two to Six
6.30 am to 6.45 amHerbal Tea
7.00 am to 8.30 amYoga Asana Session
8.30 am to 9.00 amBreakfast
10.30 am to 12 noonLearning Session
12 noon to 1.00 pmLunch
1.00 pm to 4.00 pmAssignments/Free Time
4.00 pm to 6.00 pmExperiential Session
7.00 pm to 8.00 pmDinner
8.00 pm to 8.30 pmReflection/Fire Side Chats
Day Seven
8.30 am to 9.00 amBreakfast
9.30 amClosing and Photo session
10.30 amCheck Out

Workshop Facilitator

The program will be facilitated by Ms. Renu Jain who is a certified yoga professional from Kaivalyadhama. She has encountered Auto immune diseases and is managing the same with the support of a Yoga based lifestyle. Her teaching methodology is simple, direct, participative, result oriented and based on the mind-body connect philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. She has represented Kaivalyadhama on different forums and has conducted several workshops to help patients manage auto immune disorders with Yoga.


For Enquiries,
Email Us: info@vshr.org
Contact Us:
(+1) 661-548-6424

Participant Experience

My gratitude to Kaivalyadhama for offering a specially curated workshop for Auto Immune disorders. The highlight of the course was how Renuji took us through it without making it heavy. Her personal connect with each participant and overall connect with the group was superb. I wish Renuji more power on her journey to positively impact many more people in demystifying and coming out of their painful state.

Nalini Kaushal

I started the workshop when I was very unwell, extremely tired, anxious and without sleep for days. As the days went by, after starting to learn the practices and with great support of Ms.Renu, I could get back my sleep and smile. I started to feel more open and happy. This was so special

Zeana Bravo

It was an immersive experience. The workshop was superbly laid out and I take back great memories.

Rohit Gupta

Renuji is one of the most grounded and honest teachers that I have come across. She is genuinely concerned about the participants. The workshop was excellent and much needed refresher into the vulnerabilities of our psyche.

Saurabh Kaushal

I realized the course as very good and wish it should encourage the people preferably young ones.

Tilak Raj Aggarwal

The workshop was very well designed, covering all important aspects for well being (mind & body)


Understanding of issues, concepts....one relates to the Tutor's words and experience. Personal attention and time were given to address the participant's problem and issues.
Definitive/assured feeling of self-pride and equal hope that we can overcome our conditions. A fantastic insight into the Vedic-yogic-sattvic way of living.

Nikhil Lodaya

Very good experience, not only from the contents of the workshop, but for sharing them with participants.


Had a great experience at the workshop. Learnt many new practices which are helpful. Especially the mind relaxation and the meditative practices, Overall had a great time.

Sheetal Bhise

Ms. Renu jain is an empthathetic knowledagable and meticulous teacher who helped us discover the positive aspects of our personalities. The lesson planning and the mixtures of the asanas, kriyas , yoga nidra , pranayama and other activities was excellent. I feel empowered to tackle the auto immune heath issues hence forth. Thankyou! Love and Light!!

Prachi Kamath

Very good and I would rather say excellent and price worthy.

Krishna Kumar Gupta

Here I got to know the power of yoga and which changed me within. Mind power helps us to revert all damages that I learned from here. This workshop gave me many new friends. Whom I will never forget ever. I loved the whole programme.

Sejal Shah

Amazing experience, got answers to my most of the questions. Hope can continue to follow everyday.

Maulik Shah

It taught beautiful way to spend the life. Now we are looking forward to practice yoga and all the kriyas in day to day life. Ms. Renu helped us to give new way to spend life. Thanking her from bottom of my heart.