Astāvakra Samhita

Leading the life in an Advaitic way

by Dr. Rajeshwar Mukherjee
5th to 10th September 2022
(Check-in: 4th September
Check-out: 11th September)

The Astavakra Gita is a profound treatise on Advaita Vedanta, ascribed to the great Saint Astavakra. It consists of a dialogue between Astavakra and his disciple Janaka.

Like the other Upanishadic texts and Srimadbhagavad Gita, it gives a candid, unhesitating, unblushing and unapologetic presentation of the cardinal principles of Advaita Vedanta. The text serves a twofold purpose: It describes the experience of the highest communion with the Supreme Reality, and simultaneously it gives useful guidelines to lead life in a holistic way. The treatise has been a source of inspiration to the yogis, mystics, saints, and sages. It is equally relevant for the householders who strive hard to lead a life of perpetual peace warding off worldly pangs and miseries. It teaches how yogic lifestyle and practices elevate human beings to the culmination of happiness and bliss.

In modern times, it is interesting to find that this ancient classic text played an important role in the shaping of the life of Swami Vivekananda who was the first to disseminate the eternal message of Yoga in the West.

Topics to be Covered

  • Fundamentals of Advaita Philosophy in the light of Vedantasara of Yogindra Sadananda.
  • Yoga and Advaita
  • Selected verses from Astavakra Samahita
  • Instruction on self-realization to the joy of self-realization
  • The nature of Quietude
  • Reaching the state of tranquility
  • Astāvakra Samahita in the light of Srimad Bhagavad Gita
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions

Workshop Outcome

Complete immersion in Astāvakra Samahita

The workshop will cause a SHIFT IN YOUR AWARENESS – leading to gradual cultivation of deeper awareness and wisdom.

Applied in daily life, it helps you tackle any crisis and critical moments of your life.

Teaches you the art of contentment and reversal of sad moments

Makes you proficient in the understanding and practice of Astāvakra Samahita

Dates: 5th to 10th September 2022

Additional: Morning and Evening Yoga Classes.

10:00 am to 12:00 noon


2:45 pm to 4:15 pm


4:15 pm to 4:45 pm

Chanting of Vedic Mantra

Practice of Antarang Yoga

Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Rajeshwar Mukherjee is the Assistant Director of Research at the Kaivalyadhama Institute. He holds double master’s degree, M.Sc. and M.A., in the subjects Physics and Sanskrit respectively. He has earned a Ph.D. degree in the interdisciplinary areas interfacing Physics and Indian Philosophy. He is also concurrently working as the Registrar (I/C) of the GS College.

Dr. Rajeshwar travels to different universities and premier institutes delivering discourses and lectures. He has represented in the meet organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India on Quantum Reality and Theory of Shunya. Having invited to the prestigious Copenhagen Business School at Denmark, he delivered a lecture series. He has authored six books and more than fifteen research articles.


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Workshop Fees 

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