Pranayama Workshops 2019

by Shri O. P. Tiwari


About the Teacher

Shri O.P. Tiwari is one of the world’s leading authorities in pranayama and the Secretary General of Kaivalyadhama. With over fifty years of experience, Tiwariji has dedicated his life to the teaching and practice of yoga. He is a direct disciple of Swami Kuvalayanandaji, founder of Kaivalyadhama and the world’s pioneer of scientific research in the field of yoga. Tiwariji was taught in depth by his guru, and had direct exposure to not only the philosophical and practical aspects of Yoga but also to the scientific research that was being propagated by his teacher. This puts him in an incredibly unique position of teaching pranayama with a classical technique, where a scientific outlook harmonizes with traditional wisdom. He is one of the few remaining masters of pranayama in the world today. A humble man, Tiwariji’s goal is to pass on the traditional practices of yoga with integrity and sincerity. 

Pranayama Anushthana

September 29 – October 13, 2019

Anushthana refers to the process of remaining in a particular condition, in yogic tradition. This selective training course is for those practitioners who are looking to advance in the field of pranayama. It will provide the opportunity to thoroughly deepen the practical aspects of training and continue learning on the rich physical and spiritual benefits of pranayama. Daily sessions will be initiated by an auspicious fire ceremony (Havana), presided over by Tiwariji.

Pre-requisites: In order to apply, students must have at least five to seven years of continuous study with Tiwariji or must have attended prior Anusthana workshops.

Course Fees: 85,000 Indian Rupees (Accommodation and meals are extra)

This course is full up. Please register for the wait list below. 

Beginners Pranayama

December 8 – 22, 2019

Kaivalyadhama is pleased to announce that it will offer a new workshop in pranayama for those practitioners looking to hone their knowledge and skills in the field.

Led by Shri O. P. Tiwari ji, this course is designed for those students with a strong foundation in yoga, but are new to the lineage of Kaivalyadhama and wish to deepen their understanding of this rich practice. The workshop will include practical sessions in pranayama, theoretical lectures and daily asana classes.

Pre-requisites: In order to apply, students must have studied yoga for at least a year at a relevant institution. Students should also have some background knowledge and initial practice of pranayama at another school of yoga.

Course Fee: 75,000 Indian Rupees (Accommodation and meals are extra)

This course is full up. Please register for the wait list below.